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Connecting From Home -- Using Cable, DSL, or Wireless
0. Contents 1. Broadband and Broadband ISPs 2. Broadband Related Links 3. Securing Home Connections 4. Home LANs and Sharing Connections

In-Home LANs: Sharing Your Home Internet Connection


A Home LAN Is a LOT Easier Than You Think

All the connection methods we've discussed involve connecting one personal computer to one outside line. What do you do if you have more than one computer you want to surf with? With dialin connections, you just connect each computer's modem to the phone line and make sure you don't try to do online banking while your teenage daughter is busy IMing. But you can do better.

How Stuff Works, a really neat Web site of the Discovery Network, has a good introduction: How Home Networking Works.

But don't forget security, particularly with Wireless networks.

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