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The A3C Connection, July/August/September 1998 The A3C Connection
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What's New at the ACCC

ACCC? A3C? What Happened to the ADN?
The ACCC Post Everyone 

The Academic Computing and Communications Center, ACCC, was created on July 1, 1998, by merging the Academic Computer Center and the Telecommunications Office, with Ahmed Kassem as director. It only makes sense for the ADN Connection to change its name to reflect its new home. So welcome to the first edition of The A3C Connection.

The ACCC was formed to create synergy between computing and communications, to meld the strengths of the two former organizations, and to make better use of the convergence of technologies in the marketplace. This convergence is most evident in networking. It will become increasingly important as we evolve towards an integrated voice, data, and video network, both on campus and throughout the world. As technologies change rapidly in all areas, the ACCC will be able to respond in a coherent fashion.

Of course, it will take a little time to find the right way for us to combine our services. The most obvious will be in networking, where we'll be better able to coordinate installations of phones and data connections. But as computerized telephony filters down to the end user, there will be lots of opportunities to use computers to control telephones and vice versa.

All we know for sure is that we're living in interesting times. That, and the fact you can read about emerging developments in the A3C Connection. So stay tuned. Or perhaps a better metaphor is: Hang on.

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Updating and Expanding
The ACCC Post CMS UNIX Mac Windows Everyone 

As usual, we've been busy this summer.

Two new personal computer labs and 193 spiffy new Pentium II machines:

The computing labs in L270 ECSW, 1040 West Harrison, and 2300 SSB, 1200 West Harrison, are both now open. There are 69 seats in ECSW and 78 in SSB, and there's space to expand the SSB lab. These labs are a bit off the beaten track, but boy, are the machines in them nice! 300 MHz Pentium IIs, 64 Mb RAM, with 17 inch monitors and four storage devices: 5 GB hard drive, 3.5" floppy drive, CD-ROM, and ZIP drive.

We've also replaced the 486/66s in 179 BGRC and 2249 SEL with these Pentium II machines. We moved the 486s that were in 179 BGRC to the back half of the 105 BGRC lab, to replace the Macs we used to have there. The Macs weren't as popular in BGRC as we thought they would be.

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Better and more printers:

We replaced all the printers in the ACCC computing labs, and we also put a printer in SEL 2249F and a second printer in BSB and SRC while we were at it. All the lab printers are Hewlett Packard LaserJet 5SI/MX or 8000s with 48 Mb RAM and large input trays.

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New tigger:

Tigger, the UNIX server for faculty and staff, was replaced on August 8. The new tigger is an IBM RS/6000 Model F50 with four PowerPC 604e 332 MHz CPUs, 1280 Mb of memory, and 100Base-T fast ethernet. The new machine is three to four times faster than the old one, which should have a good effect on the Web server.

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Coming soon -- a new borg:

We have also received and are beginning to set up a replacement for borg, our HP-Convex compute engine.

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Coming soon, part 2 -- network expansion:

A project is now underway to extend the campus network to the student rooms in SRH, the east-side student dorm. For more information, see the Student Residence Halls Network Information Page.

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New Dialin Lines Again
Note: The ACCC dialin lines change continually; for up-to-date info, see URL:

As always, any member of the UIC community may use any ACCC dialin line at no charge. All lines require authentication; login using your ACCC netid and tigger (faculty or staff) or icarus (students) password. Don't have a tigger or icarus account? You can open one automatically if you've got a UIC i-card and, if you're faculty or staff, you're in the online phonebook and you have a netid. Stop by any ACCC computing lab or do it on the Web, at:

(Wondering where to go from there? See the Quick Links on the left of the ACCC home page. )

For more on using the ACCC dialin lines, see

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