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The A3C Connection, July/August/September 1998 The A3C Connection
July/Aug/Sept 1998 Contents What's New at the ACCC ACCC Free Public Labs The Case of the 100-Year-Old Babies The Year 2000, UIC, and You Microcomputer Software and Hardware
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ACCC Free Public Micro Computer Labs

  Another important service that the ACCC provides to the UIC community is free access to personal computer labs; see Public PC Lab Hours for their locations and available equipment.

For the most part, the Macs in the labs run MacOS System 8; all the PCs run Windows 95. All the Macs, Pentium IIs, and faster Pentium machines have CD-ROM drives. All the labs have access to at least one HP LaserJet PostScript printer. With two exceptions, all the labs also have wheelchair-accessible desks.

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