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The A3C Connection, July/August/September 1998 The A3C Connection
July/Aug/Sept 1998 Contents What's New at the ACCC ACCC Free Public Labs The Case of the 100-Year-Old Babies The Year 2000, UIC, and You Microcomputer Software and Hardware
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ACCC Free Seminars , Fall '98

The ACCC Beat Many Everyone 
ACCC Seminars, Fall 1998
  The ACCC is giving a series of free short courses on the following computer-related topics during spring semester: personal computing and various personal computer application software packages, email, using and publishing on the Internet and the World Wide Web, statistical software packages, UNIX, and moving away from CMS.

Any member of the UIC community may attend any ACCC seminar and there's no charge, but we ask that you register for the seminars you want to attend. You can register:

Seminars By Request or Do-It-Yourself:
  Do you want to present a hands-on computer workshop for your class or department? You may reserve one of a number of the ACCC computing labs for it, and we'll even install your properly licensed software on our servers for it if you give us enough lead time. Send email to if you're interested. Or, if there's enough interest in your department and you're willing to make the arrangements, we might be able to present one of our standard seminars for you. In this case, send email to and we'll try to work it out.  
New Since Spring '98:
Email Migration from CMS to Eudora:
Step-by-step instructions for moving your email from mail or note on CMS to a personal computer using Eudora and a brief introduction to Eudora from a CMS user's the point of view.
Intermediate seminars on Windows 95 and the software in the Microsoft Office 97 suite:
Excel (spreadsheet), Access (database), and PowerPoint (presentations).
Introduction to HTML
Introduction to Dynamic HTML:
DHTML is a set of new Web technologies and emerging standards for creating truly rich and interactive Web pages that change appearance on the fly. This seminar introduces DHTML components, gives examples of DHTML hypermedia in action, and reviews DHTML authoring tools.
Introduction to Image Editing:
An intro to basic image editing concepts: creating graphics for the Web, scanning graphics, and reducing file sizes, including hands-on exercises working with Adobe Photoshop on Windows 95.
UNIX for CMS Users:
A crash course on UNIX for seasoned UICVM CMS users, covering the major differences between UNIX and CMS, minidisks vs. directories, how to manipulate files (with summaries of corresponding commands), available UNIX editors, session profiles, printing, keyboard, and screen handling, email, and running statistical packages.
Migrating Data from CMS:
Moving statistical software input and data files from CMS to UNIX or the personal computer.
Seminar Schedule for Fall '98
  The best place to see the fall seminar schedule is online, at:
Comments are welcome; please send them to
Patrick Murphy,
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