SML Hours & Location


The SML has locations on both the East and West campus.


SML-East: 1-460 LIB

Mon — Thu 1-5pm


ITL-East: 1-460 LIB

Mon — Thu 1-5pm


ITL-West: 181 BGRC

Mon & Thu 1-5pm

Frequently Asked Questions


How long can I check out a laptop or video camera?


All SML equipment can be lend out for a period of up eight (8) days, so if you checkout an item on a Monday, it is due back at the latest by the following Monday, by 5pm, before the SML closes. When you checkout the equipment the official check in date and time will be listed for you on the check out form.


Can I drop off a video to be converted to DVD?


No. The SML is not a drop-off service. However, we will show you how to do the conversion and finalize the DVD to playback properly.


Does the SML help with social networking services?


Yes. Social networking is becoming popular in the classroom as well as external to the university and we are happy to help set-up new accounts, answer questions about how the software works etc.


Can I make a reservation for a particular work station?


No. The SML hours are all walk-in hours on a first come first serve basis.


I am on the West campus, is there a SML option on the West side?


All students are welcome to come to the ITL-West, located in room 181 BGRC.


Are there any options for after hours assistance?


No. The SML hours are only during the designated walk-in hours posted on the Hours & Location page.


Are blank DVD's provided to copy a video project to?


No. The SML does not provide blank CD's, DVD's or Mini-DV tapes.


Can you help me build a Web site?


We are happy to provide assistance in how you should go about creating a Web site. However, we do not provide any development for a site, we only instruct in the proper techniques and usability requirements.


I need help setting up my smartphone to work with UIC Wireless, can you help?


Yes. Please bring in your smart phone and we will adjust the necessary settings to allow access using UIC Wireless.


I have a large video project, do you have laptops available?


Yes. We have a number of high-end laptops available, both Windows and Mac, with all video and audio software editing capabilities included.


Do you have 3D software available in the SML?


No. Currently we do not have MAYA, 3D Studio Max or any of the other 3D rendering software.


Can I check out multiple video cameras for a project?


We request that only 1 piece of equipment is checked out per student. If it is a class project we can make an exception but we would need to discuss the project with the instructor directly.


Do the loaner laptops have video editing software installed?


Yes. The full Adobe Suite is installed including Adobe Premiere, After Effects, Encore, as well as Pinnacle Studio for basic video editing.