SML Hours & Location


The SML has locations on both the East and West campus.


SML-East: 1-460 LIB

Mon — Thu 1-5pm


ITL-East: 1-460 LIB

Mon — Thu 1-5pm


ITL-West: 181 BGRC

Mon & Thu 1-5pm

SML Policies



The official SML policies are currently being finalized. Please check back soon to view the full SML policies and procedures, thank you.


  • All SML equipment can be lend out for a period of up eight (8) days, so if you checkout an item on a Monday, it is due back at the latest by the following Monday, by 5pm, before the SML closes.
  • Priority is given to class sponsored projects
  • All equipment is checked out from the SML-East or ITL-East