SML Hours & Location


The SML has locations on both the East and West campus.


SML-East: 1-460 LIB

Mon — Thu 1-5pm


ITL-East: 1-460 LIB

Mon — Thu 1-5pm


ITL-West: 181 BGRC

Mon & Thu 1-5pm

SML Services


The SML is available to students for assistance with technical questions regarding Web and graphic design, multimedia authoring, in-depth computer support, desktop software, mobile computing, UIC wireless, Google docs, Gmail, Google Calendar, and other educational technology for class projects.


The SML also lends out to students: multimedia authoring, media capture and presentation equipment that might be useful to students to complete multimedia-rich class projects. For a full list please see the Equipment Available for Loan page.


Web Enhanced Learning


  • support Web 2.0 tools and technology
  • using the Blackboard Learning System
  • WebDisks: store, access and share files on the Internet
  • using blogs and wikis, both personal/group blogs and wikis (Expo sites), and course blogs/wikis
  • student response systems (clickers)
  • create Podcasts with or without RSS feeds
  • Pronto Instant Messenger
  • Scholar: a social bookmarking service


Web Design & Development


  • assistance with Web design, graphic design and logos
  • using Web authoring software and HTML
  • getting help with HTML templates, JavaScript and cascading style sheets


Multimedia Design & Development


  • using multimedia authoring software
  • authoring digital video, audio and streaming media
  • developing interactive Flash animation
  • seamless videotape conversion to DVDs
  • creating hypermedia for the Web, CDs or DVDs
  • publishing video using the youtube@UIC ACCC Flash media streaming server
  • maintaining Flash-based Web sites


Going Digital


  • digitizing photographs, line art, negatives, transparencies and slides
  • using graphics and photo editing software
  • support for Microsoft Office, Apple, Adobe and other software
  • scanning hardcopy into HTML, Acrobat PDF and Microsoft Word
  • compressing images for fast Internet downloads
  • compressing Microsoft PowerPoint and Acrobat PDF documents
  • creating thumbnails and multi-resolution stock image libraries


Communication & Collaboration


  • assistance with collaborative learning technology
  • using Web 2.0 tools like blogs and wikis for class projects
  • using video conferencing and video chat technology for interviewing purposes
  • exploring social networking technology like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and LinkedIn
  • facilitating computer driven presentations with ACCC e-Rooms (aka Centra) web conferencing
  • running Blackboard work sites for student organizations and special interest groups


Mobile Computing Support


  • accessing UIC wireless network via Wi-Fi
  • getting help configuring 3G wireless broadband of smart phones for accessing UIC email, Blackboard and miscellaneous university Web sites
  • assistance with taking notes with Microsoft OneNote, tablet PC's and digital ink
  • support for download-and-play podcasts and other class materials
  • exploring the use of mobile Internet devices, e-book readers, iPhone, Apple touch, Blackberry, Amazon Kindle and other mobile devices in student college life


Web Publishing and Assistance with Usability and Web Accessibility


  • designing Web pages for individuals with disabilities
  • using the MS-Office Accessibility Wizard and Functional Accessibility Evaluator (FAE)
  • assistance with usability Web design