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ADSM/TSM - Network Backup
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Download Your ADSM/Tivoli Storage Manager Client Here


This page contains copies of the ADSM/IBM Tivoli Storage Manager client programs for you to download to your workstation, so you can connect to our IBM Tivoli Storage Manager server to back it up over the network.

Summary of UIC ADSM Policies and Backup Scheme

Before proceeding, you must read and agree to the following UIC policies regarding our network backup service:

  • ADSM is offered only to individual UIC faculty and staff members for use on their own primary, exclusively used, personal computer or UNIX workstation located on the UIC campus.
  • It is not for students.

  • Personal ADSM accounts may not be used for any type of server or multi-user workstation.
    • Servers include LAN file servers, web servers, or any kind of group, departmental, lab, or class server. Multi-user workstations include public lab personal computers or any type of machine routinely used by more than one person.
    • The administrators for these systems are responsible for making their own arrangements for backup.
    • If you are the administrator of such a server system and you would like to explore the use of ADSM to back up your server, send email to

  • Each eligible person may have only one ADSM account and each ADSM account may only be used to back up one computer.
  • Due to technical limitations, if you back up more than one machine or more than one operating system on a single machine with a single ADSM account, YOU MAY BE UNABLE TO RESTORE SOME OR ALL OF YOUR DATA SHOULD THE NEED ARISE.
    • Specifically multiple operating systems running on a single machine (such as with "dual-boot") are considered to be multiple machines.
    • While a one-time switch from one computer to another is alright, if you consistently back up two or more machines to one account, the ACCC reserves the right to lock your ADSM account. This most often happens when you get a new computer and fail to remove your ADSM account from your old computer.
    • If you have a valid need for an additional ADSM account, send your request to
    • Valid reasons include having two offices and having a dual-boot configuration on a single machine.

  • Only your personal data files can be backed up.
    • In general, on Windows, this means only the C:\ drive and on Macs, the root / ( Macintosh HD ) filesystem.
    • Specifically, you may not back up:
      • the Windows System State or System Object, or
      • any removable drive such as CD, DVD, or a USB plugable drive.
    • If you need to have another drive backed up, for instance, if you have a Windows machine and your personal data files on both your C:\ and D:\ drives, send an email message to explaining this and we will allow it for your nodeID.

  • Backups:
    • A copy of the current version of the files that you do not delete or change will be kept as long as the file remains on your computer.
    • Files that you change: Up to seven versions of files that you change will be kept for up to 30 days. This means that if you change a file daily, the oldest version available for restore will be only 7 days old, but if you stop changing it, then each of the last 7 versions will be kept for 30 days.
    • Files that you delete: A backup copy of the files that you delete will be kept for 60 days. After 30 days, only the last backed up copy of the file will be available.
    • Large restores (such as an entire disk drive) may involve a substantial amount of time, possibly several hours, depending upon the speed of your network connection.

  • Network Connections:
    • Given the large volume of data that is transferred when backing up and restoring data, ADSM can only be used with directly-wired ethernet or the UIC-Wireless network on the UIC Chicago campus.
    • It is not available for the Rockford or Peoria campuses.
    • It cannot be used from off-campus or from any type of outside connection, including DSL, cable, or the ACCC dialin lines, even if connecting from a location on the Chicago campus.
    • Laptops may be backed up when they are physically carried onto the Chicago campus and connected to the UIC network, either wired or wireless. You can request to have the automatic backup on a laptop to run during the day, so that you can take it home with you at night; send email to
    • A fixed IP address is not necessary -- DHCP is OK, such as you receive when using UIC-Wireless.

  • Abandoned Data:
    • The UIC ADSM system is not an archive system. It's only purpose is to back up data that is currently on your computer, in case of accidental deletion or hardware failure. It is not for long-term storage of data you no longer wish to keep on your computer.
    • If any whole computer or individual "filespace" (Windows drive, or Mac/Linux filesystem) is not backed up for a period of 120 days, it will be considered to have been abandoned. We will attempt to contact you via email, giving you two choices: 1) Resume backups, or 2) We will delete the backed-up data.
    • It is possible for backed-up data to appear abandoned, when it is not. This can happen if you use the GUI client and only make partial backups of some directories, not all of them. You must make a complete backup of the entire filespace, either by using the automatic scheduler, or by selecting only whole drives/filesystems.

  • For new installations, you agree to use the most recent version of the TSM Client Software for your computer system, as listed on the next page.
    • All IBM Tivoli Storage Manager client software is licensed software, copyright IBM Corporation, and is subject to license agreements both between IBM and UIC, and between IBM and you.
    • You will be given an opportunity to read and agree to the License Agreement between IBM and you at the time you install the Client Software.

Exceptions to this policy may be granted based on need. To request an exception, send email to

To indicate your agreement to the above policies, and proceed to download the client software, click one of the following:

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