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ADSM/Tivoli Storage Manager Backup for FaCT Personal Computers


Instructions for Faculty, REACH Members, and ACCC Staff

Congratulations on your new FaCT computer. Though it's hard to think of such things now, backup is a vital part of the responsible management of any computer system. Set it up right now, while your computer is new and you are thinking about it, and you will be glad later -- when you find that you need to restore something.

Your new FaCT computer comes ready to connect to UIC's ADSM (ACCC Data Storage Manager) backup system. It's easy to set up and start backing up your personal computer with ADSM. The FaCT machines running MS Windows come with ADSM preinstalled. If your FaCT personal computer is a Macintosh, you will have to downloaded and install ADSM yourself, but since you must be on the UIC campus network to use ADSM anyway, it's a quick download. For either type of computer, we recommend the use of the backup scheduler which automatically backs up your files every night, avoiding the need to remember to do your backup.

  1. Is your FaCT computer replacing an older computer you had? This question matters! If your answer is "yes", there are further considerations and instructions. See Windows FaCT PC - Dealing With your Old PC.

  2. You must configure your FaCT computer for TCP/IP and connect it to the UIC campus network. This applies whether this is a Windows or Macintosh machine. If you can successfully use a Web browser, an email program, or a terminal program, this has been accomplished. If you haven't gotten that far yet, see our Connecting to the UIC Network via Ethernet. (ADSM service is only available on the UIC campus, to personal machines that are connected to the UIC campus backbone Ethernet network or UIC-Wireless. By "personal machine" we mean the primary machine that each UIC faculty or staff member personally uses when he or she is on the UIC campus.)

From this point on, these instructions diverge for different types of computers. Follow the appropriate link below:

For assistance with this procedure, contact the Client Service Office at or by telephone at 312-413-0003.



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