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ADSM/TSM - Network Backup
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ADSM TSM Backup for Apple Macintosh


There are two kinds of programmers: those who have lost data, and those who will.


Note June, 2010: New Server Name for ADSM

Increasing use of the ACCC's ADSM service has recently caused us to add a third ADSM server machine. Rather than have to ask people to switch thier ADSM server host names again, we have decided to give everyone their "own" ADSM server for their own ADSM account, with a name of the form:

Nodenames are of the form: netid.adsm1, thus the server name for Ada Byron's adabyron.adsm1 ADSM account will be:

The port in all cases will be 1500. If you are already using ADSM, this will require one more change on your part. But it will be the last, regardless of what the ACCC does on our end with our actual ADSM server machines.

You can switch to this nodename now; if you are already using ADSM, the instructions you need are in Switching to Your Personalized ADSM Server Hostname.


Use the ACCC's ADSM service to backup your personal computer over the network, unattended. Retrieve files you inadvertently erase or recover from hard disk failure. Do this before you lose files!

Only UIC faculty and staff are eligible to use ADSM; only one personal workstation per person, and that workstation has to be on the UIC campus.

Note that we don't have the Archive feature of TSM turned on.

There are separate versions of TSM for just about all Mac OS version, and they all work a bit differently. So there is a ADSM group page for Mac:

ADSM For Macs

The ACCC's ADSM service uses IBM's Tivoli Storage Manager Backup-Archive Client (TSM) to do the backup and restores. (Archive services is not available.) Links to the current versions are available through the ADSM Download page. (Read through the policies and conventions and agree to them at the bottom of the page.)

Note that versions of Mac OS X previous to 10.3.8 are no longer supported.


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