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ADSM/TSM - Network Backup
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ADSM TSM backup clients for UNIX: dsmc, dsm

  The ACCC runs the IBM ADSM backup program on all the files stored on an ACCC UNIX workstation every night, time permitting. You can restore copies of your files from these system backups by yourself, using the command dsmc (for text mode) or dsm (for X Windows).

You must have proper permissions on the files. To recover a file when you don't have proper permissions, call the Client Services Office at 3-0003, or send electronic mail to

Restoration can be done by file name or by directory and files can be restored to the original directory or to a new place. Brief instructions on how to use dsmc are given in the ACCC dsmc FAQ. Links to the entire IBM/Tivoli manual for ADSM for UNIX are given in the documentation section below.

Currently, 7 versions of backups are kept. Since backups are performed over night, a file must have been stored overnight (at least) to have been included in an automatic backup.

Note: Do not use the archive function of ADSM. It treats all of tigger or icarus as one machine, and has no options that allow us to make backup copies of the archive tapes. If you have files on an ACCC UNIX workstation that you want to archive, transfer them to your personal computer copy them to a floppy or a CD.

dmsc (text mode) and dms (X windows) let you restore backup copies of your files on the ADN UNIX workstations. You must have proper permissions on the files; otherwise you must ask send email to asking them to restore the file for you.

For: Unix.


Versions available: Version 3, Release 1, Level 0.7.

This software is fully supported by the UIC ACCC.

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