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ADSM/TSM - Network Backup
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ADSM/TSM Network File Backup for Personal Workstations



Note February, 2011: (Another) New Set of Tivioli Client Programs

IBM has now released a complete set of new Tivoli Storage Manager Client programs for use with our ADSM servers. These resolve two important issues:

  1. Several new security vulnerabilities have been recently reported and published, both by IBM and by For more information about these vulnerabilities, and which levels are bad or good, see this IBM document: IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) Client Security Fixes - November 2009

  2. Official support for Mac OSX 10.6 Snow Leopard, Windows 7, and Windows Server 2008 SP1/2. This official support is in the new Version 6.1 client programs. Previously, Version 5.5 has worked for some people, but that version does not have official Tivoli support for these new operating systems.

The new Version 6.1 client programs are fully supported on our Version 5.5 server. We plan to upgrade our TSM servers to Version 6 soon, so you can start using these new clients now.

About Version 6.1 on Windows:

  • Version for Windows was available for download for a short time here at UIC, however it has been found to have bugs. If you downloaded for Windows, you should replace it with, which is available now.
  • Version 6.1 for Windows is now Java-based, requiring Java JRE 5 or 6, so if you use other vital applications that depend on Java, be sure to read the TSM README_enu.htm file and IBM TSM, Version 6.1 Backup-archive client updates and test this carefully.

Other Operating Systems:

Version for Mac does not have the bugs of its Windows counterpart, and is the recommended version for Mac OS. Version 5.5 for Mac OSX 10.5 already used Java.

In addition to the newer operating systems that require Version 6.1, you can optionally start using v6.1 clients with AIX, Linux RH5+ or SLES10+, Mac OSX 10.5 Leopard, Solaris 10, Windows XP Pro, Windows Server 2003, and Windows Vista.

Upgrade Now!

Due to these published (that is, known to hackers) security vulnerabilities, and also the new systems supported, we encourage you to check your version levels and upgrade as soon as possible.

You can find a list of the latest versions and download them at Download Your ADSM/Tivoli Storage Manager Client Here.



Note June, 2010: New Server Name for ADSM

Increasing use of the ACCC's ADSM service has recently caused us to add a third ADSM server machine. When we asked individuals to switch from the original server to, we asked them to reconfigure their TSM software, changing borh server address and port.

Rather than have to ask people to do this again as we now add (and again and again as we add additional servers), we have decided to give everyone their "own" ADSM server for their own ADSM account, with a name of the form:

Nodenames are of the form: netid.adsm1, thus the server name for Ada Byron's adabyron.adsm1 ADSM account will be:

The port in all cases will be 1500. If you are already using ADSM, this will require one more change on your part. But it will be the last, regardless of what the ACCC does on our end with our actual ADSM server machines.

You can switch to this nodename now; if you are already using ADSM, the instructions you need are in Switching to Your Personalized ADSM Server Hostname.

Only faculty and staff are eligible to use ADSM network backup service; only one personal workstation per person, and that workstation has to be on the UIC campus and on the UIC campus wired network or UIC-Wireless network. (Not cable, DSL, or dialin lines.)

ADSM backups allow you to retrieve files you inadvertently erase or to recover from hard disk failure. Use ADSM to back up your personal computer over the network, unattended. Do it before you lose files.

ADSM's Tivioli Storage Manager software, TSM, supports all modern versions of Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS, Linux, and many obsolete/older versions and operating systems also. It most likely has you covered.

The ACCC also makes ADSM backups of your files on the ACCC Unix servers tigger and icarus for you; you can use the DSM and DSMC UNIX commands to restore files from these backups. We also use ADSM to back up all the servers that we keep your ACCC email on. If your email account is on mailserv, you must send email requesting the return of lost email to very soon after you lose it. The rapid changes in email means that copies don't get kept in the backups very long.


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