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Using the Exceed X Server
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Using the Exceed X Server


Exceed is an X Server program that you run on your Microsoft Windows personal computer. It provides the graphical features of an X Server for use with remote UNIX machines.

The X Windows system is a GUI -- graphical user interface -- that allows you to display on your local system -- in the case, your personal computer -- the graphical output from commands that are run on a remote UNIX system. This allows your personal computer to do what it does best -- display graphical ouput -- while the remote UNIX system is doing what it does best -- running programs or number crunching.

There are two classes of UNIX programs that benefit from using a X Windows display: number crunching programs which produce graphical output, such as SAS, SPSS, Octave (a MATLAB clone), and Maple; and utility programs such as ghostview (a PostScript document viewer), xrn (a newsreader), and info (online IBM manuals on tigger).

These documents give step-by-step instructions on how to setup and use the Exceed X Server in two different modes:

  • Using the unsecure Xhost security -- where persmissions are given based on the remote host's name, allowing anyone logged on to that remote host to open an X Window on your personal computer and worse -- to read anything that's in any X Window on your personal computer and to change your X Server settings -- and
  • Using SSH X11 tunneling, which limits acess to your X server only to X Windows programs that you start, and which is much easier to set up, too.

See also: X Windows at UIC.

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