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Connecting to UIC
Contents Win95/98/Me and New-Style Dialins Win95/98/Me and Old-Style Dialins Win95/98/Me and UIC-Net Campus Network WinNT and New-Style Dialins WinNT and Old-Style Dialins
WinNT and UIC-Net Campus Network MacOS8-MacOS9 and the Dialins MacOS8-MacOS9 and UIC-Net Campus Network Appendix A Appendix B: Getting Help  

Using Mac OS 8-Mac OS 9 with the UIC-Net Campus Network

  • You will be asked for your IP address and host name when you install the NSKit. If your computer is in a campus office or lab and you don't know what its assigned and registered IP address is, ask your department's REACH member. Don't know who that is? Call the CSO at (312)413-0003.
    IP address:         .         .         .
    Host name:

  • If you're a student connecting from a campus dorm room, see the Res-Net Web page:
Configure TCP/IP

Select Apple menu->Control Panel->TCP/IP to open the TCP/IP control panel.

illustration of TCP/IP control panel

Set the following values:

  • Connect via: Select Ethernet
  • Configure: Select Manually
  • IP Address: Type your machine's IP address.
    East side IP addresses begin with: 131.193.
    West side IP addresses begin with: 128.248.
  • Subnet mask:
  • Router address: Type the first three parts of your machine's IP address and then 1 as the fourth part.
    Thus, if your IP address was,
    then your Gateway would be
  • Name Server addresses:
  • Search domains:
If You Also Dial in on Your Networked Mac:
  1. Select Apple menu->Control Panel->TCP/IP->File menu->Configurations. Rename the Default configuration to Ethernet by selecting Default->Rename, typing the new name, and clicking OK.

  2. With the Ethernet configuration still highlighted, click Duplicate, and type PPP in the dialog box asking you to name the duplicate, and click OK. Now you will have two configurations, Ethernet and PPP.

  3. Select the new PPP configuration and click Make Active. Configure TCP/IP for PPP as described on Configuring Mac OS 8-Mac OS 9 for ACCC Dialins.

  4. Select the connection type you wish to use: Apple menu->Control Panel->TCP/IP->File menu->Configurations, select the proper configuration, and click Make Active. (Or use the Location Manager Control Panel to set these options and many more.)
You're Connected!

Your connection to UIC-Net will start automatically. Run the applications that have been installed in your Network Services Kit folder by opening the folder and double-clicking on the application.

The Client Services Office, ACCC
2267 SEL,, (312) 413-0003
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