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Connecting to UIC
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WinNT and UIC-Net Campus Network MacOS8-MacOS9 and the Dialins MacOS8-MacOS9 and UIC-Net Campus Network Appendix A Appendix B: Getting Help  

Using Windows NT with the UIC-Net Campus Network

You must be logged in as an Administrator to configure a network connection. If the account you normally use is not in the Administrator group, then log into your machine's Administrator account.
Configure Your Personal Computer

Insert your Windows operating system diskettes or CD-ROM when Windows asks for it and don't forget to remove it before you restart your computer. If Windows asks for its installation media and you don't have it, you won't be able to finish creating the connection.

Windows may also ask you to restart your computer. You must let it do so for changes to take effect.

  1. Click: Start->Settings->Control Panel->Network. The Network properties window has five tabs.
    illustration of the tabs in the Network properties window

  2. Click the Adapters tab. Only one Network Adapter should be listed, next to a small green network card icon, similar to the one in the figure below.
    illustration of Network Configuration tab
    • If the network card listed is not the correct one, click on its name then click Remove.

    • If you have a network card in your PC but its adapter is not listed:
      • Click the Add button. Your computer might start building a database of known adapters which could take a couple of seconds. Please be patient.
      • You should see a screen with most of the known adapters of network cards used today. Choose the one that is specific to your network card. If you have a disk already with the necessary drivers on there for your particular card, click on Have Disk.
      • Windows NT 4.0 may ask for its diskettes or CD. And it may ask to restart your computer. You must let it restart your computer for changes to take effect.

    • If you don't already have a network card:
      • Purchase and install one.
      • When you start your computer after you install the card, Windows will offer to install it. Or click: Start->Settings->Control Panel->Add new hardware and follow the prompts.
      • We recommend that you let Windows search for your new hardware. Do not use your computer while Windows is detecting hardware devices.
      • You may need your network card's installation disk and/or your NT diskettes or CD.
      • Click Finish when you're done.

  3. Click the Protocols tab. TCP/IP should be listed. Other protocols may also be listed; leave them. If TCP/IP isn't listed, add it: click Add...->TCP/IP Protocol then click OK.

  4. Select TCP/IP, then click the Properties button, and select the IP Address tab.
    illustration of TCP/IP Properties IP tab
    • Select Specify an IP Address.
    • In the IP address field, type your machine's IP address.
      East side IP addresses begin with: 131.193.
      West side IP addresses begin with: 128.248.
    • In the Subnet Mask field, type:
    • In the Default Gateway field, type the first three sets of numbers of your IP address and then 1 as the fourth number.
      For example, if your IP address was
      Then your Gateway would be

  5. Staying in TCP/IP Properties, select the DNS Configuration tab:
    • Select Enable DNS
    • In the Host Name field, type the name of your computer.
    • In the Domain field, type:
    • In the DNS Server Search Order box, type these three numbers, clicking the Add button after you each one:

  6. Make no changes in the WINS Address and Routing tabs.

  7. Click OK to return to Network, then click Close to close Network.

  8. Restart your computer: Start->Shutdown->Restart->OK .
You're Connected!

When your computer restarts, your connection to UIC-Net will start automatically. To run any Internet application, just open it.

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