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Programming Languages at the ACCC


This document lists the language compilers and tools are available through the ACCC at UIC.

About this Document

This document lists the additional language compilers and tools are available at UIC. (By "additional", we mean compilers and tools the ACCC has installing separately, in addition to the ones that normally come with the various operating systems.)

In particular, the standard Unix shell scripts, languages, and programming tools, such as awk, ksh, and sed, are also available on the ACCC public workstations; they are not listed here.

These compilers and tools are:

Also included are links to various programming language FAQs and other resources.

C and C++ 
  • tcl (The Programming Language)
  • tk (tickle toolkit for tcl)
Note on Language Compilers on icarus

The icarus compilers listed above are "officially" installed on icarus and are included in everyone's default path. In addition to these, the standard Unix language compilers -- f77, pc, and so on -- are also installed on icarus, but they aren't in the default path. To use them, you must add their directory -- /opt/SUNWspro/bin -- to your PATH variable.

In your .profile file, add:


to the end of your PATH=... statement.

The compilers and tools available in this directory all have man pages; they include f77 and f90, pc, and ratfor.

Other Links

Check the following software lists for additional programming and language compilers and tools (such as python, which is available on icarus):

Available science and math packages and libraries:

Supercomputing and programming languages links:

Language FAQs:

Science, math, and programming language links:



2005-7-14  ACCC documentation
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