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Science and Math at the ACCC


This document lists the science and math packages and tools are available from the ACCC at UIC.

Don't see what you want on the platform or machine that you want to use it on? Check out the Netlib and GAMS; chances are you'll find it there. Or do a WWW search (Lycos and Google are pretty good for science and math. If you find something you think would be of somewhat general interest, let us know and we'll see about installing it for public use. (Send email to

For links to info on everything science and math (and programming languages) from the people who brought you MATLAB, see MathWorks'

About this Document

This document lists the science and math packages and tools are available at UIC:

Also included are links to various FAQs and other resources.


ANSYS is a general-purpose. finite-element modeling package for numerically solving a mechanical problems, including: static and dynamic, linear and non-linear structural analysis, and heat transfer, fluid, acoustic, and electromagnetic problems.

  • ANSYS on argo (argo only) This document has pretty much everything you need to use ANSYS on argo.
Gaussian 03

Gaussian 03 is the latest in the Gaussian series of electronic structure programs. It is designed to model a broad range of molecular systems under a variety of conditions, performing its computations starting from the basic laws of quantum mechanics. Gaussian is only available on argo.

Gnu plotting package

GNU's interactive plotting package for Unix.

  • gnuplot (icarus and tigger)

  • Gnuplot Central, the official Web site for gnuplot, includes gnuplot documentation and FAQs
IMSL Math and Statistics Subroutine Library 

The IMSL FORTRAN 90 Numerical Libraries is a comprehensive resource of more than 900 FORTRAN 90 subroutines for applications in general applied mathematics and for analyzing and presenting statistical data in scientific and business applications. It is available on both icarus and argo.

Maple symbolic math 

Maple is a symbolic math package, including calculus, graphics, infinite precision math, and graphics. Maple has many builtin special functions, including outputting expressions in FORTRAN or TeX and the numerical evaluation of expressions to arbitrary precision.

MATLAB math and matrix package

MATLAB is an interactive system for manipulating arrays (which don't have to be of a specified dimension), allowing you to solve matrix and vector computing problems without having to write a program in a language such as C or Fortran. 

Speakeasy interactive matrix and statistics 

Speakeasy is useful for the interactive manipulation of arrays and matrices, eigenanalyses, and statistics, and for many other mathematical calculations. Interactive users receive the answers instantaneously, giving Speakeasy the attributes of a powerful calculator.

For a list of Speakesy reference manuals, enter: help publications while using Speakeasy.

  • speakeasy (icarus and tigger only) Note: Unlike Unix itself, the command line version of Speakeasy on Unix is case insensitive. Thus the commands: quit and: QUIT are exactly the same in Speakeasy.

  • Speakeasy Computing Corp's Speakeasy Web home page
Note on Scientific Computing Packages on argo

There are a number of additional commercial science and math computing packages on argo. For an up-to-date list, see Commercial Software Packages on Argo. For more information on argo, see the Argo Home Page.

Other References

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