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Statistics and Math Software on Windows Vista



SPSS versions 15.0.1 and 16.0 for Windows can be installed on any version of Vista. SPSS version 15.0 may be installed on Vista, but to run properly, a hotfix must be applied to it. You can obtain this hotfix at:
You will be asked to log in. The user name is "guest", the password is "guest" (omit the quotation marks). Then choose "Patches" (in left column). Then "SPSS for Windows". Then choose "SPSS 15 - Windows Vista HOTFIX".


Not all versions of SAS 9.1.3 will install properly on Vista. Only the later revisions (those after Sept. 1, 2007) will install on Vista. However, we found that users who purchased after January 1, 2007 were able to install on Vista if they followed the directions at: If you experience any problems installing SAS 9.1.3 on Vista (whatever revision), try following the directions described at the link above.
SAS Institute's party line is that version 9.1.3 will install on Enterprise, Business, or Ultimate Vista (32-bit only). They state that version 9.1.3 will not install on Home Premium or Home Basic Vista. They state that 9.1.3 will not install on 64-bit versions of Vista.


Stata versions 9 and 10 run on all versions of Vista.


Matlab R2007a runs on all versions of Vista.

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