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Using Firewalls at UIC
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Installing Zone Labs Integrity Desktop

About Integrity

Zone Labs Integrity Desktop is Zone Lab's popular and very effective Zone Alarm firewall software with additional privacy and protection features.

Integrity Desktop's firewall keeps hackers away from your computer. In fact, if you turn the Internet lock on while you're away, no one on the outside will even know your computer is there.

The program control protects your programs from hackers and keeps hacker programs from doing damage.

You can use Integrity Desktop's mail protection in addition to your antivirus software to quarantine files that might be dangerous and also, with the program control, to prevent software that hasn't been authorized to send outgoing email. This is a very good thing. Most email worms now use their own outgoing SMTP service. If Integrity doesn't won't let it sent email out, even if you were to get a worm, you couldn't spread it by email. (Of course, this depends on your saying no when it asks you whether to allow the software to send email.)

And a final nice plus are its Privacy features, which control Web cookies, Web bugs, banner ads, pop-up and pop-under ads, animations, and whatever types of active code you want blocked (javascript, vbscript, java, ActiveX, and so on).

System Requirements  
  Operating Systems: The following Microsoft Windows platforms are supported:
  • Windows XP Professional
  • Windows 2000 Professional SP3
  • Windows NT 4.0 Workstation SP6a*
  • Windows 98 SE*
  • Windows 95OSR2*

* - requires Internet Explorer 5 or above

Hardware Specs: minimum requirement: Pentium II, 233 MHz, 32Mb RAM, 19 Mb space; preferred Pentium II 450 or better with 128 MHz processor

Zone Labs Integrity Desktop User's Manuals
Download and Installation Instructions for Integrity Desktop

To minimize problems, backup the configuration file for previous versions for Zone Labs firewall software before you download and install the current version. See The Overview Menu in How to Use Zone Labs Integrity Desktop.

  1. Go to the University of Illinois Webstore and "purchase" version 5 of Integrity Desktop. (The fastest way to find it is to search for Zone Labs .)

  2. Go to wherever you saved the ZoneAlarm5.exe file and double-click it to run it.

  3. Click the Next> button to continue with installation of the client.

  4. Select the disk location where the Setup files will be extracted to or click Next> to use default location.

  5. Click Next> when the extraction is finished.

  6. Select directory that you want Integrity installed in or click Next> to accept default directory.

  7. Click to accept the license agreement and click Install.

  8. When the install is completed, you will be asked whether you want to start the client. Click Yes to start the firewall.

  9. When Integrity opens, a Tutorial session will give you general introduction to using Integrity Desktop Client. Click Next>> to continue with the tutorial program. Click Cancelx to exit out of the tutorial session. (But we suggest that you do go through the tutorial; it's short and informative.)
How to Setup the Firewall

Integrity Desktop is easy to set up. Just install it. It will automatically recognize any networks you are on and the network configuration wizard (below) will walk you though the steps of adding it to your Desktop. It will also automatically recognize and add support for a VPN (virtual private network). It is set up with reasonable default firewall settings; you will be adequately protected from the start.

But check out the Other Services anyway.

The Network Configuration Wizard

If you're connected to a LAN when you install Integrity, it will recognize it and start the Network Configuration Wizard for you.

  1. On the Welcome screen, Integrity will tell you it found a network and tell you its IP address is. Click Next>>.

  2. Integrity recognizes that this particular network is a private network (from its IP address), and it asks you if you want to trust it and to share your resources on it. Click the radio button by I trust this network... or I DO NOT trust this network..., depending, and click Next>>.

  3. Integrity asks you to give the network a name. Type it in the box and click Next>>.

  4. Then Integrity summarizes the setup for the network. Click Finish.

More information on configuring network zones is in the Help menu: Keyword: About Network Zones.


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