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2007 Daylight Savings Time Problem
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Oracle's response concerning the availability of an automated fix tool

  Here is a request made to Oracle Tech support and their response:


Is there a way to automatically modify any meetings that have shifted because of the timezone rule modification?


Even though you could use uniical utility to export and re-import the events affected by this change, we strongly recommend against it.

  • There is no way of knowing which client was used to create the meeting. There are differences depending on the client that was used to create the meeting. IE, the Oracle Connector for Outlook relies on both the local Microsoft timezone rules and the server timezone.ini, depending on the type of meeting that is created. If the PC's timezone rules were already updated before the timezone.ini or patch was applied, some meetings are already in the "correct"' time. If the Microsoft timezone rules were not updated, some meeting times will continue to be displayed at the wrong time when being viewed with the Outlook Connector.

  • There is no way of knowing which timezone was used to create the meeting. IE, if a user created the meeting while working in a timezone that doesn't have DST, or while working from Europe, the meeting time will be correct even though it was created before the timezone rules were modified.

I know of a customer who has tried to automatically update these meetings. And even though the customer was certain that all users created meetings in the affected timezone, the automatic update resulted in many meetings being moved incorrectly, and in many users being even more upset than if they had to move the meetings.

To ease some pain for your users that heavily rely on calendar, a designate could do the "compare and move" for them.

Personally, I very much like the approach of the University of California Irvine:


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