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The new OBFS policy on Cell Phones and Related services (click here for a copy of the policy) that will be effective on 1/1/2012, requires changes to the related services currently provided by ACCC. This web page is intended to answer your questions about these changes. If after reviewing this material you still have any questions, please contact us by sending email to

Summary of changes:

  1. No University employees or units will be able to order institutionally provided cell phones and related services, effective immediately.
  2. All institutionally provided cell phones and related services will be cancelled on 12/31/2011 unless your unit is granted an exception. Exception requests must be submitted to Heather Haberacker at by 10/28/2011. To access the form please visit the OBFS Mobile Communications Equipment policy page.
  3. ACCC Telecommunications will be sending out lists of services being billed back to each unit to your designated phone contacts. We ask that units review these lists, check off the appropriate action for each phone and submit to us by 12/1/11. There are four options for each phone:
    1. Cancel phone, return equipment to unit.
    2. Transfer service/phone number to personally owned equipment, return university owned equipment to unit.
    3. Purchase existing University provided phone equipment from unit and transfer service phone number to personal account.
    4. Request exception with OBFS by 10/28/11, as outlined in OBFS Mobile Communications Equipment policy page
  4. ACCC Telecommunications will be coordinating sessions on campus with the major carriers. For units/individuals that are selecting options to transfer the service to personally liable/owned devices we will require units to submit to us "Authorization to transfer to personally liable forms" on the days of the events. For more information please see the link labeled "Transfer Service to Individual Liable". For more information, please visit the FAQ below.


Disconnect a Phone

Transfer Service to Individually Liable

Group Equipment Requests

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