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Academic Support Program (ASP) Courses

The following ASP courses are designed to help students meet the reading, writing, study, and learning demands at UIC. ASP courses carry no graduation credit, but they do contribute toward the calculation of tuition, full and part-time enrollment status, and financial aid eligibility.

A.S.P. 050 SPEAKING/READING/WRITING IN ENGLISH AS A SECOND LANGUAGE This course provides practice in reading, speaking, and writing formal and colloquial English for non-native speakers with limited English proficiency. Special emphasis is on using English language skills in everyday and academic contexts.

A.S.P. 051 ADVANCED COMMUNICATION SKILLS IN ENGLISH AS A SECOND LANGUAGE This course introduces and provides practice in discipline-specific reading, writing, and speaking strategies necessary for coping with complex ideas in textbooks, class discussions, and writing tasks. Emphasis is on using principles of formal English language in the American academic context.

A.S.P. 055 COMMUNICATION SKILLS FOR INTERNATIONAL GRADUATE STUDENTS This course provides instruction and practice in formal and informal English language usage in the context of intercultural learning for graduate students with limited English proficiency.

A.S.P. 060 STUDYING/LEARNING ACROSS THE DISCIPLINES This course offers practical methods for success in college. Students will apply learning strategies to tasks typical of course work in the various disciplines. Instruction includes both lecture and small group learning and uses a variety of media.

A.S.P. 062 TOPICS IN LEARNING SUPPORT INSTRUCTION This course is designed to introduce and provide practice in specific topics related to reading, writing, learning and thinking strategies, geared to specific course demands across the disciplines and for specific populations.

A.S.P. 063 LEARNING SUPPORT INSTRUCTION (FOR LARES STUDENTS) This is a specially designed course that introduces and provides practice in learning and thinking strategies, note taking, test preparation, and organizational skills geared to specific course demands across the disciplines.

A.S.P. 086 Critical Reading and Thinking I FOR LARES STUDENTS This course is designed to teach students how to understand textbook material representing different disciplines. In addition, this course teaches students how to analyze their reading and how to write about it, especially how to write summaries and syntheses of their reading.

A.S.P. 087 Critical Reading and Thinking II FOR LARES STUDENTS This course is designed to teach students sophisticated discipline-specific critical reading and thinking strategies for practice in writing syntheses (term papers) as well as academic arguments and evaluations of readings. Cultural and language concerns of Latino students are addressed.

A.S.P. 088 INTENSIVE WRITING WORKSHOP FOR LARES STUDENTS This course is designed to provide practice in composing short essays, with special attention to sentence building and paragraph development.

A.S.P. 090 CRITICAL READING & THINKING I This course uses the Reading Matrix, a novel approach to critical reading developed by an ACE staff member. The Reading Matrix uses a visual model to facilitate the analytical reading of persuasive essays and journal articles.

A.S.P. 092 VOCABULARY ENRICHMENT This course is designed to teach students how to increase the number of words they use in their speaking, reading, and writing. In addition, students are taught strategies for learning unfamiliar, technical terms and phrases in their textbooks. (The course meets for half a semester.)

A.S.P. 095 ACADEMIC AND PROFESSIONAL WRITING This course, targeted toward international graduate students, introduces and provides practice in academic and professional writing. The course focuses on resumes, business and professional correspondence, reports, proposals, and theses.

A.S.P. 096 INDEPENDENT STUDY This is offered for variable credit and is designed for students who wish to supplement regular courses or undertake individual study projects. Students must consult with the instructor before registering.


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