Study Places

Academic Center For Excellence

While there are plenty of spaces in the Student Services Building to get some homework done, ACE provides a friendly environment with the resources to supply you with better study skills. There are computers and study rooms in the office designated specifically for student use, and review books are available for science courses. Additionally, ACE staff members offer math tutoring, paper-writing assistance, and many other avenues of academic aid.

Daley Library
Located in a convenient area of campus, among Lecture Centers A-F, the Richard J. Daley Library has good options for a variety of study styles. For quiet study, try the Circle Reading Room on the 1st floor or north end of the 3rd floor. For group study, use the IDEA Commons on the 1st floor or the entire 4th floor. You may also reserve a group study room here.

Chicago Public Libraries
With nearly a hundred locations across the city, the Chicago Public Libraries are quite easy to access. Once you apply for a library card (proof of Chicago residency is required), you are able to check out materials from any of Chicago's libraries. However, the libraries are open to any member of the public, so anyone may use their facilities for reading or studying. The nearest public library is the Theodore Roosevelt branch located at 1101 W. Taylor Street. Another option is the Harold Washington Library Center (400 S. State Street) which is Chicago's largest public library; with its hundreds of tables, study rooms, and carrels/cubicles, you will surely be able to find a space that fits your unique studying needs

Rebecca Port Center Cafe in University Hall
This coffee shop is one of the nicest spaces in University Hall. Tucked away on the first floor, it is always cozy and aromatic and because it is a bi-level space, there are plenty of places to find a reading spot. Also, if you thrive on caffeine, this is the place to be--coffee and tea of many flavors abound. Professors often hold office hours here and the second floor booths can accommodate study groups, too. If you require near to or total silence, consider steering clear of the Port Center during lunch rush hour since lots of folks head here to grab a bite to eat. However, most of the time you can get lots of work done, and all between a chocolate chip scone and hot cup of coffee!

Bunsen's Cafe in SES
Bunsen's Cafe is a great place to do some science homework because the Science Learning Center is right nearby. There are a variety of snack choices in the adjacent cafeteria, so if you're one of those people who like to snack while studying, this place is definitely for you. Also, there are long tables which are ideal for spreading out your books and really getting down to business.

Trains, Cars, & Buses
Whether you commute from Skokie or the South Side, you can use your travel time wisely to read or complete homework assignments. While on the bus or train, reading is a breeze and also eases you into the school day. If you're driving, red lights or traffic jams can make for good time to flip through flashcards or review vocabulary. Listening to class lectures or language tapes/CDs is also easy in a car, or if you have headphones, on the train or bus. And if you're the passenger of a carpool, don't forget you can also help a friend study by quizzing the driver! Finally, there's nothing like studying in a parked car (with the phone turned off) if you want a comfortable seat and no distractions.

Study Lounges in Residence Halls
Most study lounges provide an ideal study place with study carrels, big tables, and comfortable seating. Some lounges include space for group study, and many have large windows with good views

Empty classrooms can often be found in many buildings. Equipped with blackboards or dry erase boards, desks, chairs, and podiums, empty classrooms work well as a study location. Everything from reading to practicing performances or public addresses can be conducted in a classroom, so as long as the door is kept open and you are not disturbing another class, these rooms can make for excellent quiet spots to get work done.


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