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Geography is generally concerned with people`s relationships with their social, economic and physical environments. The UIC geography programs focus on urban and environmental geography, and emphasize applications of geographic skills and perspectives to current problems and social needs.

The geography curricula are designed to achieve three goals:

  1. to establish a foundation of geography as a research-oriented and policy-related field of study;
  2. to provide an understanding of the techniques and skills required for research in urban and environmental problems; and
  3. to instill a philosophical viewpoint that will allow the graduate to approach these and other contemporary problems within urban and environmental contexts.

Geography degree programs prepare the student for employment in the public and private sectors, including careers in the fields of planning, transportation, real estate and industrial development, publishing, banking, marketing, and resource management.

A selection of information about what the geography programs offer can been seen in the following pages:

Undergraduate Program
Graduate Program
Faculty (both Anthropology and Geography Faculty)
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Cartographic Laboratory

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