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We are pleased to introduce the Pre-Tax Qualified Transportation Program. A revision in the Internal Revenue Service Code allows benefits eligible employees to realize income tax savings by paying for commuting expenses with pre-tax dollars. In other words, your taxable income will be reduced by the amount you select to deduct monthly for "qualified transportation expenses". For 2014 the IRS has set the maximum amount of expenses allowed under the program at ($130)per month.

The UIC Pre-Tax Qualified Transportation Program will offer RTA Transit Vouchers, which may be used for transportation expenditures on RTA, Pace, South Shore Railroad and Metra. The program will also load money on transit cards for the CTA.


The services formerly found on this website including, enrollment, termination, and revision can now be found on Nessie, under the “Personal Information,” tab or by clicking on this link: http://nessie.uihr.uillinois.edu/cf/info/index.cfm. You must have your Nessie log-in, password, and pin to access the site.

While the CTA has specific amounts for loading transit cards, RTA users may now select any dollar amount, up to the ($130) maximum, for vouchers.

It is the employee’s responsibility to manage his/her participation in the program. For example:

Please note: Any address changes made on this site will only be used for the delivery of CTA/Metra cards. In order to officially change your mailing address with the University, you must visit Nessie and click on the Personal Information tab, scroll to Transit Benefit Program at the bottom of the page.


Pursuant to IRS regulations, no portion of payments made on a pre-tax basis may be refunded to the participant. The payroll deductions taken for this program must be used to purchase a qualified transit pass or voucher. There are absolutely no refunds, transfers, or exchanges. No exceptions.

Transit Distribution
January 1/29/14
February 2/25/14
March 3/26/14
April 4/25/14
May 5/27/14
June 6/26/14
July 7/28/14
August 8/26/14
September 9/25/14
October 10/27/14
November 11/24/14
December 12/26/14
**Please note the Transit Distribution
dates are TENTATIVE

Transit Voucher Distribution

The RTA Transit Vouchers will be distributed in the Campus Parking Services Customer Service Centers Monday through Friday on the east side of campus in 2620 SSB (from 8:30AM to 4:30PM) or in Student Center East Service Center First Floor (from 8:30AM to 4:30PM) and the west side of campus at B5A SCW (from 8:30AM to 4:30PM) on or after the designated date each month, except during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays when your building may be closed. You will be required to present a valid university i-card and sign an acknowledgement of receipt of the voucher. After signing, acknowledging the amount, and receiving this voucher, you become solely responsible for the voucher. You are to treat this voucher, as you would cash. This voucher distribution process is designed to protect you against loss as the RTA Transit Voucher is made payable to RTA and may be used like cash to purchase RTA services.

Transit Vouchers are valid for exchange where fares or passes are sold (e.g. Jewel, CVS Pharmacy, or UIC Credit Unions Call First).

Lost RTA Transit Vouchers

Transit Vouchers are to be treated the same as cash. If you lose your RTA Transit Voucher, you will not receive a cash refund. You will be required by RTA regulations to wait 13 months for a voucher replacement. Your voucher will not be replaced if it is cashed. Claim forms will be available through the Transit Benefit Coordinator. Upon signing and receiving your voucher, you, (or whoever picks up for you) assume full responsibility for the voucher.

Exclusive Use of Transit Vouchers

RTA Transit Vouchers are to be used for regular daily direct commute from home to work and return. You may not give, barter, exchange, convey, or otherwise transfer transit vouchers to others.

For more information, please call Campus Parking Services at (312) 413-5800.

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