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What Is The Biology Colloquium?

The UIC Biology Colloquium (BCQ) is an interactive course sponsored by the Department of Biological Sciences (listed as BioS 196). As a student-run class for individuals interested in biology, BCQ provides

  • An overview of biology and the diversity of biological career opportunities
  • A place to meet fellow students with similar interests in a comfortable and stimulating atmosphere
  • A helpful resource for information concerning research opportunities and future coursework



When & Where Does The Colloquium Meet?

There are two Colloquium sections: one meets every Wednesday afternoon and the other meets every Thursday afternoon. Class runs from 2 PM - 4 PM.

During large group weeks, seminars are held in SEL 4289.

During small group weeks, students meet up with their student leaders and fellow groupmates in the SES Rotunda. Groups leave for their individual field trips once everyone shows up.


Students are asked to keep a journal of all the seminars and field trips that they get to see. Students hand in their journal entries after each large group seminar. For more information on how students are evaluated, check out the (Requirements - Details) section.

The Colloquium Office

The Biology Colloquium Office is located in SES 3360. In addition to serving as the organization's home, the office is a common place for students to

  • Study - desk space, a comfy couch, and study aids are available
  • Use a computer - the office has 2 networked computers and a printer for you to check your e-mail, type a paper, browse the web, or even play a game or two
  • Socialize - meet new and old friends who are also interested in biology-related careers
What Is The Class Format Of BCQ?

The Biology Colloquium meets every two weeks in a large group seminar given by an invited faculty member, researcher, or professor from various biological fields. A wide range of biological topics are covered during the semester.

Alternating with large group seminars, colloquium students meet in small groups of six to eight students and tour research laboratories, hospitals, industrial facilities and other places of biological interest.

Colloquium students will also have the opportunity to explore biological facilities away from the UIC campus area. Past large group field trips have included

UIC Biology Colloquium Contact Information

Mailing Address

UIC Biology Colloquium
Department of Biological Sciences, M/C 066
845 West Taylor Street
Chicago, IL 60607

Office Location & Phone Number

Science & Engineering South (SES) 3360
Off-campus Phone Number: (312) 996-3884
On-campus Phone Number: x6-3884

E-mail & Website Info

Webmaster: Cong Nguyen

2010 Website Logo Winner: Steve Cherry

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