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BIOS 399 Paper


Your BIOS 399 paper is due no later than 12 pm on the Friday of finals week.

What if you are continuing the project?

If you wish to register for an additional semester of credit for the same project you do not need to turn in a paper yet. You must arrange with your research supervisor to receive a deferred grade (DF) for this semester. You will then turn in a paper at the end of the final semester in which you register for the credit. To register for the additional semester you must submit another application, signed by your research supervisor, to an advisor no later than 12 pm on the Friday of finals week.

What is a deferred grade?

It is a grade that does not affect your GPA. It merely shows that you are still working on your research project. As soon as we obtain a research paper from you, we will change the deferred grade (DF) to an appropriate final grade.

What is required for the paper?

The BIOS 399 paper is similar to an article in a peer-reviewed scientific journal. It should include Introduction, Materials & Methods, Results, Discussion and Works Cited sections. If you have not come to a "conclusion" in your project, explain why in your Results & Discussion sections.

The length & exactly what goes into your paper is up to you and your faculty supervisor. Most papers range from 5-10 pages, not counting figures, tables and works cited. We do look for at least 1500 words.

Turn in your paper to an advisor with a cover sheet attached. Have your faculty supervisor sign it stating that they have read the paper and it is satisfactory to them. We will not accept papers without a faculty signature on our cover sheet

FINALLY...do not slide your paper under someone's door.

Hand it directly to Vanessa Ricker in 3266 SES, to Tricia Stark in 3270 SES, or place it in one of their mailboxes in 3262 SES.