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Electron Microscopy Facility

Scanning electron micrographs
Science and Engineering South
Rooms 3446, 3450 (Offices)
Rooms 3440, 3442, 3423, 3459 (Labs)

Jack Gibbons - EM Supervisor
Andy Carol - EM Technician

The Department of Biological Sciences Electron Microscopy Facility

 is equipped with a JEOL 1200 EX transmission electron microscope and a JEOL 5600 LV digital scanning electron microscope located in a modern, spacious, well-equipped laboratory. Ancillary equipment includes ultramicrotomes, diamond knives, vacuum evaporator, microwave tissue processing system, critical point dryer, and a digital darkroom. The EM facility is managed by two full time technicians experienced in advanced electron microscopy techniques such as immunogold labeling, autoradiography, and low-vacuum SEM. Both are active in the development of new methods designed to fit the specific needs of researchers using the facility.

The Department of Biological Sciences offers a basic course in fundamental techniques in scanning and transmission electron microscopy (BioS 429). Graduate students who successfully complete the course are encouraged to learn more advanced techniques and apply them to their thesis research.

The electron microscopy facility plays an important role in student and faculty research, with resulting data represented in numerous presentations, publications, graduate theses, and funded grant proposals.