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Stable Isotope Facility

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Science and Engineering South
Rooms 3223, 3225

Miquel Gonzalez-Meler - Director
Stable Isotope Lab Website

The Stable Isotope Facility

 includes a continuous flow Finnegan Delta + XL mass spectrometer and a VG-ISOTECH SIRA II dual-inlet mass spectrometer interfaced with GasBenchII gas chromatographs, and a Costech Analytical ECS 4010 elemental analyzer with zero blank autosampler. Isotope species of C, N, H, and O are regularly analyzed from solid, liquid, and gas samples, and from specific compounds. High precision customized techniques for C and O isotopes in atmospheric CO2 and for O isotopes in O2 are also part of the facility.

In this facility, stable isotopes have been applied to research in medicine, plant and animal physiology/ecology, hydrology, evolution, palaeoecology, anthropology, biogeochemistry, soil and crop sciences, meteorology, global change, and most recently, forensic and bioterrorism studies.

The facility has supported research from several departments within UIC, and from numerous outside institutions from within the United States (including the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District, Argonne National Laboratory, and Pennsylvania State University) and from Brazil, Venezuela, Italy, the United Kingdom, and Spain.