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Faculty Research


Aixa Alfonso Classical and molecular genetic analysis of neural development and synapse function in C. elegans

Simon Alford Modulation of synaptic transmission

Mary V. Ashley Molecular ecology, landscape genetics, conservation biology

Hormoz BassiriRad Ecophysiology, plant nutrition and global climate change

Joel S. Brown I use foraging theory and game theory to study predator-prey interactions and urban wildlife locally and globally

Ronald R. Dubreuil Genetic studies of digestive tract in Drosophila: uptake and processing of dietary fat

David E. Featherstone Neurogenetic studies of glutamate signaling in Drosophila and mice

Liang-Wei Gong Molecular mechanisms of exocytosis and endocytosis

Miquel A. Gonzalez-Meler Global change biology, plant and ecosystem physiology, isotope ecology, respiration

Henry F. Howe Community ecology, experimental restoration, rodent-plant interactions, ecology of tropical seed dispersal

Boris Igic Evolution, mating systems, diversity and disparity within/among organismal groups, quantitative trait loci

Constance J. Jeffery Protein structure and function, membrane proteins, moonlighting proteins

Hua Jin Protein trafficking, signal transduction, membrane proteins, primary cilia

Lon S. Kaufman Plant gene expression, photobiology, signal transduction, UV/stress protection, Arabidopsis, soybean

Brian K. Kay Molecular recognition, protein-protein interactions, protein engineering, biotechnology, phage-display

John P. Leonard Role of neurotransmitter receptor phosphorylation state in synaptic plasticity and learning and memory

Jeremy Lynch Evolution of development, insects, embryos, pattern formation, germline determination, cis-regulatory logic, genetic basis of form and morphogenesis

Robert Paul Malchow Synaptic mechanisms in the vertebrate retina; neural-glial interactions; transport processes

Roberta J. Mason-Gamer Molecular phylogenetics, evolution of polyploids and hybrids, grass systematics

Emily Minor Landscape ecology, urban ecology, conservation planning, dispersal and invasions

Donald A. Morrison Genetic recombination and quorum sensing in the streptococci

A. Don Murphy Neuronal mechanisms underlying rhythmic behaviors and decision making

Peter G. Okkema Muscle & neuronal development and organogenesis in the nematode C. elegans

Teresa V. Orenic Pattern formation in the Drosophila adult limbs and nervous system

Thomas J. Park Neurobiology studies of sensory systems using behavioral and physiological techniques

Rachel Poretsky Microbial ecology in marine and freshwater environments, metagenomics and metatranscriptomics, bioinformatics

Janet E. Richmond Molecular mechanisms of synaptic transmission (exocytosis, endocytosis and receptor trafficking) in C. elegans

Jennifer V. Schmidt Genomic imprinting and epigenetic control of mammalian development

David E. Stone G protein regulated signaling, directional sensing, and cellular polarization in yeast

Q. Tian Wang Epigenetic regulation of mammalian development and disease

Kate Warpeha Global change biology, cellular stress, cellular signaling, plant products of the phenylpropanoid pathway

David H. Wise Interface between community and ecosystem ecology; control processes in terrestrial food webs; assessing outcomes of ecological restorations in metropolitan landscapes

Emeritus Faculty


Louise E. Anderson Photosynthetic CO2 fixation; protein-protein interaction in the chloroplast

Howard E. Buhse, Jr. Cell differentiation and molecular biology of lower eukaryotes

Marion Hulett Regulation of procaryotic gene expression involving signal transduction networks

Susan W. Liebman Yeast as a model to study the genetics and molecular biology of prions and Alzheimer's disease

Dennis W. Nyberg Natural area revitalization and conservation