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First Semester Registration

1. Departmental contact

Margaret Kleist
3250 SES
(312) 996-2931

2. Registration for new students in the Department of Biological Sciences

All Teaching and Research Assistants must register for a minimum of 8 semester hours; graduate students who are supported either by a fellowship, or a tuition-and-service-fee-waiver alone, must register for a minimum of 12 semester hours.

All new students must register for GC 401 (Scientific Integrity and Responsible Research, 0 hrs). The department's three areas of study require different courses for their students' first semester.
  • Ecology and Evolution:
    BioS 531 (Introduction to Ecology and Evolution I, 3 hrs), BioS 539 (Seminar in Ecology and Evolution, 0 hrs), and BioS 599 (Doctoral Thesis Hours) are required. Students must seek advising from their thesis advisor for additional course recommendations.
  • Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology:
    BioS 452 (Biochemistry I, 4 hrs), BioS 522 (Molecular Biology Methods, 3 hours), BioS 524 (Molecular Biology Principles, 3 hrs), BioS 593 (Introduction to Laboratory Research, 6 hrs), BioS 599 (Thesis Research, 2 hours), and BioS 595 (Departmental Seminar, 0 hrs) are required. (Note: an elective course can be substituted for Biochemistry I if this requirement is waived.)
  • Neurobiology: NEUS 501 (Foundations of Neuroscience, 3 hrs), BioS 592 (Research Seminar, 1 hr), BioS 593 (introduction to Laboratory Research, 5 hrs), and BioS 595 (Departmental Seminar, 0 hrs) are required.

3. General registration information - Student Self-Service

After advising you may register for classes. Sometime after you receive your official admission letter from the Office of Admissions and Records you will receive, usually via email, information on when you may register and instructions, if not included with your admission letter.

Registration, including changes to any existing registration, begins a number of months before the term and continues through the first official ten days of the term (first official five days for summer session). During the registration period, all registration activity is done by the student using Student Self-Service, which may be accessed from UIC Web For Student. When attempting to register, if you receive an error message directly pertaining to the class or section you are requesting, consult with the department offering the course as an override may need to be input into the system to allow you to continue to register. Once the override has been added you still have to register for the course in Student Self-Service. If you receive an error message that you do not understand, consult the Registration Help Line at (312) 996-8600.

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