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Tri-beta National Honors Society


Beta Beta Beta (Tri-Beta)

is a National Honors Society dedicated to improving the understanding and appreciation of the biological sciences and was founded in 1922. There are over 430 local chapters in the United States, comprised of 170,000 young biologists. The National organization sponsors meetings and publishes BIOS, a quarterly journal with special emphasis on publication of undergraduate research papers. At a the local level, Tri-Beta chapters meet annually at regionally sponsored meetings where students present results of their research efforts.

Tri-beta students

Omega Zeta, the UIC chapter of Tri-Beta, was founded in 1985 to foster inquiry into the biological sciences through active participation in research activities and attendance at seminars and workshops. The UIC Omega Zeta chapter meets once a month so students can explore the diversity of biology by participating in seminars presented by eminent scientists, sponsors social gatherings such as ski trips and field trips, and participates in campus volunteer activities such as tutoring and blood drives. To be eligible for regular membership in the Society, a student must have completed at least two years of biology courses with a B average in these courses. Students with less than two years of biological sciences may apply for associate membership. A one-time payment of fees for regular membership is $30.00; an associate membership is $20.00. Credit is given to regular members for prior associate membership. The Omega Zeta Tri-Beta office is located in Science and Engineering South, Room 3354 where members can study, socialize, or just veg out. Come join us.

Faculty Advisors:

Dr. Howard E. Buhse, Jr. spasmin@uic.edu
Miguel Gonzalez-Meler mmeler@uic.edu
Sue Etminan setmin1@uic.edu

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