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The Student Organization Funding Allocation Board

The Student Organization Funding Allocation Board (SOFAB) was established to provide funding for organizations participating in activities that enhance their members' educational experience at UIC. These activities may include field trips, conferences, seminars, inter-collegiate tournaments/contents, service projects, and on-campus events.

SOFAB is comprised of six student organization members and an Advisor who have the final say in how SOFAB money is allocated. Meetings are usually held on the first Friday of each month during the academic year. If you are interested in joining the board, stop by Campus Programs for more information.

Some things to consider before applying for SOFAB funding:

  • You must be a registered student organization with a minimum COF account balance of $25.
  • You must submit a complete SOFAB application including original signatures.
  • Funding is provided by reimbursement only. Organizations are responsible for getting approval from SOFAB prior to the activity and paying all costs up-front. Reimbursement occurs after the event.
  • Registered student organizations may apply for a maximum of $600 per semester.
  • Remember, funding must be approved before the event takes place!

What SOFAB WILL and will NOT fund:

  • SOFAB reimburses:
    • Conference registration fees
    • Overnight accommodations (room cost plus tax only)
    • Transportation: e.g. airfare, bus/train fare, car rental (including mileage), gas receipts
    • Artist/lecturer fees
    • Exhibits
    • Free publications
    • Charitable events on campus
    • Room rental or tech costs
  • SOFAB does NOT reimburse:
    • Food
    • Alcohol
    • Cab fare
    • General office supplies or equipment
    • Costs associated with social events held off-campus
    • Non-event-specific materials such as organization t-shirts, etc.
    • Charitable events off campus

Now, if your organization wishes to apply for SOFAB funding, click the links on the left to get more information, including the complete guidelines for funding. Make sure you read the guidelines completely before applying!

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