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New Employee

When a new employee starts in your unit, nothing is automatically set up for them. CAS IT is happy to take care of everything (when we have access to do so for your department).

Submit a ticket that includes the following information:

  • Employee Name
  • UIN
  • Office (Building and Room)
  • Phone Number
  • Department
  • 3-5 Desired netid's*

* If the first choice is taken, we'll try the second, third, etc.

The above information will get the employee into the Phonebook and set up their netid, as well as a personal H: drive. We'll provide instructions on how to set up a password/mailserv e-mail and/or can set up an appointment with the employee to do so.

The following pieces are optional, and can be included in the same e-mail.

  • Request for Exchange E-mail account (please include a FOAPAL for billing).
  • Request for access to specific shared drives. (please include the drive name, i.e. vcsa-mars\casit drive)
  • Request for access to Banner, Reporting Systems, iBuy. (CAS Units only, currently).

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