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Units supported by CAS IT are required to make purchases of computer equipment through IT. IT supports standard hardware for most users. The purpose of these standards is two-fold.

  • To make support of these machines more efficient.
  • To determine the best value for departments, considering long-term performance and price.

We want this to be as easy a process as possible for departments. To make a purchase, just submit a ticket with information on what you're looking to purchase.

We will provide a quote and ask any questions. After that quote is provided, you need only to reply to the ticket with a billing FOAPAL.

While you'll always receive an exact quote and prices do change frequently, below are current prices for supported equipment to assist with your planning. These prices are current as of August 2013.

Standard Desktop PC (Dell Optiplex 3010) - $508.73
Upgraded Desktop PC (Dell Optiplex 9010) - $664.69
Standard Laptop (Dell Latitude E6430s) - $911.26

Standard Laptop (Lenovo Thinkpad T430S) - $1181.03
Ultrabook Laptop (Lenovo X1 Carbon) - $1173.63

Apple Desktop (Mac Mini) - $579
Apple Laptop (MacBook Pro 13") - $999
Apple Ultrabook (MacBook Air 13") - $1049

Standard 22" Monitor (Dell Professional) - $153.99
Upgraded 24" Monitor (Dell UltraSharp) - $258.99

iPad 16GB Wifi - $499
iPad 16GB mini Wifi - $329
Microsoft Surface Pro 64GB - $759.99
Microsoft Surface Type Cover - $106.59

For printers, we request that you engage the services of the Gordon Flesch company via the UIC Copiers program. In addition to copiers, they now provide a printer rental program. They can work with you to consult on the appropriate printers for your area. For information, contact uiccopiers@uic.edu.

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