Chancellor's Committee on the Status of Asian Americans

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Mission Statement

The Chancellor's Committee on the Status of Asian Americans (CCSAA) at UIC serves one of the most diverse universities in the nation, with Asian Americans comprising the largest minority group of its student body.

CCSAA's mission is to:

  • Promote the academic, social, cultural and professional welfare of UIC’s Asian American students, faculty and staff
  • Advise the administration on University policy that affects Asian American constituencies
  • Encourage scholarship and practices that reflect and respond to the increasing diversity of our campus and surrounding community in a rapidly globalizing world, and anticipate the ongoing demographic trends that show a rapid growth of Asian Americans among the U.S.'s and Illinois's ethnic constituencies
  • Foster professional opportunities for Asian Americans on campus
  • Cultivate relationships with alumni and Asian American communities in the metropolitan Chicago area

CCSAA's Executive Committee

  • Consists of UIC faculty, staff, and graduate and undergraduate students interested in promoting the welfare of Asian Americans on campus.
  • Is led by two co-chairs, one who is a faculty member and one who is a staff member, each of whom serve for two years.
  • Is nominated at the end of each academic year by the Co-Chairs of the CCSAA (new members generally from our subcommittees); the membership for the next academic year are chosen and appointed by the Chancellor during the summer.
  • Can expect to attend board meetings once a month and subcommittee meetings as often as necessary.

If you are interested in volunteering on one of our subcommittees or future activities , please contact us at We always welcome new members.

A Brief History of the CCSAA

The Chancellor's Committee on the Status of Asian Americans was the last of the Chancellor's Status Committees to be established, and was largely the result of student demands.

From 1991 to the present, there have been ten or so different Asian American student organizations working for an Asian American Studies Program which formed, merged, died, and re-emerged. They were initially dedicated to establishing an Asian American Studies Program; as students realized the difficulty of achieving this directly, they began to campaign in addition for a Chancellor's Committee and for an Asian American Resource and Cultural Center.

Some major events leading to the formation of the CCSAA:

  • 1991: The Asian American movement started at UIC with the foundation of the Asian American Collegiate Organization, which had a political focus and began to rally for an Asian American Studies Program at UIC. The movement encountered significant obstacles due to large university budget cuts at this time.
  • 1996: Students Promoting Asian American Concerns is formed and seeks the creation of a Chancellor's Committee.
  • April 1999: After many years of lobbying by students and staff for university administrative support the Chancellor's Committee on the Status of Asian Americans was approved in May of 1999 during Chancellor David Broski's tenure.
  • Fall 1999: The first CCSAA is convened, headed by the two founding Co-Chairs, Victoria Chou and Richard Lim.