Chancellor's Committee on the Status of Asian Americans

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The Chancellor's Committee on the Status of Asian Americans (CCSAA) is dedicated to addressing the issues and needs of Asian Americans at UIC.

CCSAA mission is to:

  • Promote the academic, social, cultural and professional welfare of UIC’s Asian American students, faculty and staff;
  • Advise the administration on University policy that affects Asian American constituencies;
  • Encourage scholarship and practices that reflect and respond to the increasing diversity of our campus and surrounding community in a rapidly globalizing world, and the ongoing demographic trends that show a rapid growth of Asian Americans among the U.S.’s and Illinois’s ethnic constituencies;
  • Foster professional opportunities for Asian Americans on campus;
  • Cultivate relationships with alumni and Asian American communities in the metropolitan Chicago area.

General Policy on Funding

CCSAA has funds available to support UIC individuals or organizations in events, activities, and research related to Asian and Asian-Americans at UIC.  Priority will be given to proposals that meet the following criteria:


  • To support the goals of the CCSAA as articulated in its mission statement;
  • To address issues and interests related to UIC faculty, staff, or students;
  • Typical awards have been in the $250 to $500 range, but requests will be considered outside of this range with a strong rationale.


CCSAA reviews funding proposals on a monthly basis.  Requests for funding should be submitted by email to  If you have any questions or concerns, please also contact

Funding Recognition

Co-sponsorships by the Chancellor’s Committee on the Status of Asian Americans must be acknowledged explicitly (and not abbreviated) on publicity materials.  Publicity (electronic and print if available) should be sent to CCSAA at least a week before the event/activity. 

Funding Restrictions

All requests requiring food must be accompanied by publicity materials that explicitly invite outside guests off campus.  Outside guests may include UIC students.  Although CCSAA can provide funds for equipment rental, the committee cannot provide funds for purchasing gifts, tickets, equipment, or alcohol.



CCSAA Funding Proposal

Funded Requests From 2008-2009

Asian American Leadership Forum

  • Registration Fees for Staff and Faculty

Asian American Resource and Cultural Center

  • Resource Book

Asian American Resource and Cultural Center

  • Yul Kwon talk at UIC

Asian American Resource and Cultural Center 

  • National Association of Student Personnel Administration Conference registration fee

Asian American Resource and Cultural Center

  • Asian American Awareness Month

Asian American Resource and Cultural Center

  • Asian Pacific Americans in Higher Education Conference registration fee

Asian American Resource and Cultural Center

  • New Student Mailing

Asian American Studies

  • Panel on Activism

Chemical Engineer Department

  • Graduate Student Meeting

College of Dentistry Diversity Advisory Committee

  • Asian American Oral Health Awareness Week

Hull House Museum

  • Farm Education

Office of Women's Affairs

  • Women's Leadership Symposium

Funded Requests From 2009-2010

Funded Requests From 2010-2011