Chancellor's Committee on the Status of Asian Americans



CCSAA  meets during Spring 2015 the third Friday of each month. These meetings bring to attention topics, developments, and events in UIC's Asian American community, and bring together the subcommittee chairs for updates and progress reports for the rest of the committee. All are welcome! For accomodation email


Spring Meeting Schedule

Location: Suite 3050, SSB
Time: 03:00-04:30 PM

     February 20, 2015
     March 20, 2015

     April 17, 2015

      May 15, 2015

Chancellor's Committee on the Status of Asian Americans Subcommittees

CCSAA is actively recruiting volunteers to help support the subcommittees.  This is a great opportunity to learn about CCSAA and get involved in an issue that is of interest to you.  The following are a description of the subcommittees.  Please contact the chair of the committee for more information.

Faculty Subcommittee

The Faculty Subcommittee evaluates the needs and interests of Asian and Asian American faculty at UIC. The committee develops programs, workshops, or other events to foster professional development, outreach, and create a community of support.

Subcommittee Chair: Christine Wu

Funding Request Subcommittee

The Funding Review Committee reviews funding proposals and submits funding recommendations to the co-chairs. The committee also reviews and revises funding priorities to align with the mission of CCSAA.

Subcommittee Chair: Jessica Canlas

Staff Subcommittee

The Staff Subcommittee assesses the needs and interests of Asian and Asian American academic professionals and civil service staff. The committee conducts outreach to create a community of Asian American staff and propose programs to address the professional needs of Asian American staff. 

Subcommittee Chair:  Elvin Chan

Student Subcommittee

The Student Subcommittee evaluates the needs and concerns of undergraduate and graduate students at UIC. The committee brings together students to propose programs and events that address the academic and personal needs of students at UIC.

Subcommittee Chair:Jenny Korn