Chancellor's Committee on the Status of Asian Americans

UIC CCSAA | Members



Kathleen Kashima, College of Medicine, Co-Chair

Thy Nguyen, Office of Career Services, Co-Chair

Executive Members

Elvin Chan, Asian American Resource and Cultural Center

Hsiu-Lang Chen, Department of Finance
Maria Therese Galang, Department of Orthodontics
Jill Huynh, Program in Asian American Studies
Kathleen Kashima, College of Medicine Administration

Jenny Korn, Student
Hannah Lee, Student
Tudo "Freedom" Nguyen, College of Business Administration

Annie Pho, Richard J. Daley Library
Jodi Stelley, Student Development Services
Elizabeth Thomson, Student
Roniciel Joy Vergara, Campus Programs
Ryan Viloria, Research on Race and Public Policy
Christine Wu, Department of Pediatric Dentistry
Karen Su, AANAPISI and Asian American Studies, ex officio