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Asian American Resource and Cultural Center

The Asian American Resource and Cultural Center officially opened in spring of 2005 as a result of dedicated student efforts to ensure that UIC support the needs of Asian Americans. 20% of the total UIC student body is Asian American while 13% of faculty and staff is Asian or Asian American. AARCC is also dedicated to educating the general campus about this diverse community.

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Asian American Studies

The Asian American Studies (ASAM) Program at UIC was officially established  in 2010 and is a product of a student-led movement that began in 1991.  Asian American Studies explores the histories, identities, cultural expressions, social and community formations, and politics of people of Asian ancestry (including but not limited to those from East Asia, South Asia, and Southeast Asia) in the United States. The Asian American Studies Program at UIC will create opportunities in the
classroom, in scholarship, and through campus and community advocacy for students to comprehend Asian American experiences as fundamental to the fabric of U.S. society and as
linked to the experiences of other communities of color in the United States as well as Asian diasporas globally. Program courses will provide a transformative education that is interdisciplinary in approach that reflects the program’s four thematic foci:Transnational/diasporic studies which examines Asian migrations and diasporic communities in relation to larger global processes of empire, nation-building, and globalization; Intersectional Race/Gender studies, which contextualizes
Asian American experiences in the historical and contemporary interplays of race, gender, and other social markers in the United States; Community Engagement; and Activism and Social Justice.

- Asian American Studies Director: Mark Chiang (

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Office for Access and Equity

809 South Marshfield Avenue, Room 717 (M/C 602), Chicago, Illinois 60612-7207
Telephone: (312) 996-8670 Fax: (312) 413-0055 TTY: (312) 413-3035.

The Office for Access and Equity
• Represents the campus to federal and state agencies as well as to the higher education community on issues related to affirmative action, equal opportunity, harassment, and diversity.
• Collaborates in the development of the campus's Affirmative Action Plan.
• Assists in the recruitment and retention of women, men and women of color, persons with disabilities, and other under-represented groups.
• Offers training in sexual harassment awareness, AA/OAE, the Americans with Disabilities Act, and other related topics as needed.
• Provides administrative support to the Chancellor's Status Committees.
• Extends technical advice to faculty, students, staff, and administrators on diversity issues as well as on problems regarding discrimination and harassment.
• Counsels faculty, staff, and students who believe they may have been subjected to harassment or discrimination.
• Investigates complaints of unlawful discrimination in admission, employment, and access as well as treatment in UIC-sponsored programs and activities; also investigates claims of sexual harassment where a formal complaint is filed; makes recommendations to responsible University representatives as appropriate.

The Chancellor's Committees of UIC

The UIC Chancellor's Status Committees are administered through the Office for Access and Equity: