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WOMAN OF THE YEAR 2015 Nominations

Nomination Form

You have an opportunity to nominate a candidate from the UIC community for the 2015 "Woman of the Year" Award sponsored by The Chancellor's Committee on the Status of Women (CCSW). Established in 1992, this annual award honors a UIC woman who has consistently worked on women's issues beyond the call of duty and who is an exemplary role model. Winners are honored with a reception officiated by the Chancellor and a cash award of $1,000.
The award criteria include providing service to women at UIC while on the job, responding to issues affecting women, and offering service to women through voluntarism and public support of women's programs.  All UIC women employed by the University (including faculty, academic professionals or civil service with at least a 50% appointment) or retired faculty or staff who are still actively involved with women issues and/or service at UIC are eligible for the award.  A committee of CCSW officers and former award winners will make the final selection from among the nominees.

The final date for submitting nominations is Tuesday, July 1, 2015. Nominations can be received earlier. As members of the university community, you will be invited to the Reception for the recipient of this award. For more information about the Award and about CCSW's other activities, including our mentoring program, subcommittees, and newsletter, see our webpage at http://www.uic.edu/depts/ccsw.

Instructions for the Woman of the Year Nomination Form 2015
Nominations for Woman of the Year can be sent by campus mail or electronically to:

Kimberly Fasula
Director Clinical Operations – Orthodontics
College of Dentistry
138A DENT MC 841

Nominations will remain active for a period of two years; women nominated last year will be considered in the next cycle. Please feel free to submit additional information and letters of support for those women whose nominations are being held. A vita or resume and a minimum of three supporting letters should accompany the nomination and should address the following criteria:

  1. Service to UIC women as part of her job:
    1. Responding to issues affecting UIC women (e.g., sexual harassment, working conditions, opportunity for advancement, layoffs);
    2. Acting to build coalitions on campus;
    3. Being a role model and mentor to students and new professionals.
  2. Service to UIC women through volunteerism (indicate number of years)
    1. Being active on committees in support of women;
    2. Publicly supporting women's issues.
  3. Other contributions not covered above.

Past Woman of the Year winners


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