Lisa Frohmann
University of California, Los Angeles, 1992 (Sociology)
Associate Professor
Office: BSB 4050A

Department of Criminal Justice
University of Illinois at Chicago
1007 West Harrison Street, M/C 141
Chicago, IL 60607
Voice: 312-413-2477
Fax: 312-996-8355

Areas of Specialization:

Social Construction of Legalities
Gender, Race, Class and the Law
Social Control Processes and Institutions
Ethnographic Methods

Current Research Interest:

Professor Frohmann was recently awarded the Great Cities Institutea Fellowship to spend the next year on an innovative project on the "spatio-temporal dimensions of safety" of women victimized by domestic violence. Her research and writing explore the intersection of violence against women, discretionary decision-making practices, and the constitution of power in social control settings. Currently she is also involved in a project that examines the intersection of discourse and victim management in the area of domestic violence.

Short Bio:

Lisa Frohmann is a Sociologist whose areas of specialization include the social construction of legalities, social control processes and institutions, ethnographic methods, and race, gender, and the law. Her research and writing on the legal construction of sexual assault cases have been published in multi-disciplinary top ten journals (Law and Society Review, Social Problems) and discussed at length in a recent criminology textbook and the encyclopedia of women and crime. In addition to its scholarly importance, Dr. Frohmann's research has helped the California District Attorney's Association train deputies to prosecute acquaintance rape cases, informed university administrators as they constructed a sexual assault prevention program, and assisted rape hotline advocates to prepare victims for the legal process.