Lisa Frohmann
Director of Undergraduate Studies
Power dynamics in courts; violence against women, including sexual assault and domestic battery; social policies on family violence.

John Hagedorn
Gangs, drug dealing, and violence; the underground economy and variation in homicide rates; the impact of technology and the information economy on poor communities; reform of the child welfare system.

Mindie Lazarus-Black
Legal processes in the lower courts; family and domestic violence law; Caribbean history and social structure.

Matthew Lippman
International human rights and international criminal law; criminal law and procedure; legal history of war crimes and the Nazi Holocaust.

Greg Matoesian
Director of Graduate Studies

Language, law, and society; relationship between verbal and nonverbal modes of communication in legal settings; qualitative evaluation; discourse of violence.

Beth Richie
Incarceration rates of women and conditions of confinement; violence against women in low income communities; youth and violence.

Dennis Rosenbaum
Director, Center for Research in Law and Justice
Evaluation methods; crime prevention theory and research; police organizations and community policing; drugs and crime.

Laurie Schaffner
Juvenile law; vulnerable children; girls in trouble with the law; gender, sexuality, and the state; qualitative urban research methodologies.

Amie Schuck
Quantitative research methods; community and neighborhood processes involved in child development; developmental processes involved in youth violence; racial inequality and crime.

Sarah Ullman

Criminal victimization, rape prevention; stress and coping theory; post-traumatic stress disorder; social reactions to victims.

The Department has a number of outstanding affiliate members, including:
Christopher Comer (Dean of LAS),
Evan McKenzie (Political Science),
Meda Chesney-Lind (Women's Studies, University of Hawaii) and
Jennifer Woodard (Deputy Associate Vice-Chancellor).