Dwayne Alexander

Academic Advisor
Department of Criminal Justice

Department of Criminal Justice
University of Illinois at Chicago


     We are strongly committed to providing a model internship program that yields benefits to both students and placement agencies. On the one hand, the internship can be a profound educational experience for Criminal Justice students, both undergraduates and graduate students, as they learn firsthand about the real world of criminal justice and social agencies. On the other hand, the internship program provides local agencies with an opportunity to utilize energetic talent below the market value to meet existing organizational needs. The program also helps to link Criminal Justice faculty, students, and agency administrators who are interested in conducting applied research and program evaluation designed to improve services to the community. Thus, the Criminal Justice Internship Program at UIC serves the students, the agencies, and the communities of Illinois.

Internship programs offer legitimate additions to criminal justice academic endeavors and sound preparation for future criminal justice professionals.  Internship programs between criminal justice agencies and academic institutions constitute local partnerships, where each provide resources unattainable by the other. The purpose of the internship experience is to place students in organizational environments where they develop personal comprehension of criminal justice processes. Host organizations provide atmosphere, practical operations, and activities which academic institutions cannot duplicate. Academic institutions provide the conceptual foundations and basic knowledge for students to adequately function within the organizational environment.


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