Department of Communication


The UIC Department of Communication is known for research on new technology, political communication, and diversity, culture and visual studies.

Administrative Support



The Department Head oversees the research and teaching missions of the Department, doing fundraising and long-term planning as well as directing financial management and student services day to day. An open-door policy encourages graduate students to drop in with any questions or issues about the general climate for learning or the support of research in the Department or at UIC.

Academic Leadership


The Director of Graduate Studies is the chief advisor and first point of contact for students entering graduate study in the Department, as well as the final gatekeeper at the completion of graduate study. Assessment of individual graduate students, courses, and overall programs comes under the Director of Graduate Studies, who manages admissions as chair of the Graduate Program Committee and leads other aspects of graduate academics as an ex-officio member of the IRB and Colloquium Committees.

Academic Records


The department Academic Advisor handles all aspects of student academic records, special approvals, petitions and course scheduling. Graduate students must first go through the faculty advisor, who will coordinate with the Director of Graduate Studies to meet student needs.

Financial Affairs


The department Administrative Secretary handles all aspects of graduate student appointments to assistantships, payroll, grant administration, and related matters.

Technology Issues


The Academic Technology Resource Coordinator manages the department facilities and provides technical support for issues related to instruction in the Department. (Issues related to research are the purview of the Administrative Secretary.)

Department of Communication
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