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The UIC Department of Communication is known for research on new technology, political communication, and diversity, culture and visual studies.
Summer 2011

Summer 2011 News

May 24: Steve Jones, UIC professor of communication, discusses social discourse on the Internet in an Associated Press story about the use of newspaper comment pages for grass-roots marketing.

May 31:Daytime TV Talk shows piece at quotes Walter Podrazik multiple times in its online slide show story.

June 6: Congratulations to Ishani Mukherjee, whose paper, "`Third' space and the intersectionality of violence: Symbolizing community and performing identities in South Asian blog interactions against domestic abuse," has been selected as the Second Place recipient in the Carl J. Couch Internet Research Award for 2011. .

July 26: The Chicago Tribune quotes Wally Podrazik, UIC visiting lecturer in communication, in an artilce about YouTube videos as an evolving art form and source of entertainment content.

July 27:John Nerone and Kevin Barnhurst had the following paper accepted: John Nerone & Kevin Barnhurst, "Stead in America." W. T. Stead: Centenary Conference for a Newspaper Revolutionary, The British Library, London, April 16-17, 2012.

Aug. 4: Walter Podrazik quoted in the following story from WNYC about MTV turning 30

Aug. 8: Congratulations to Hui-Ching Chang, who has received a Chiang Ching-guo Foundation Scholar grant, providing her with course release time for her research project, "Naming China." This summer, she has also been an invited speaker at Guangxi University and Yunnan University, China, on issues concerning intercultural communication.

Aug. 9: Congrats to Ishani Mukherjee, whose paper, "Online Voices, Offline Violence: Blogs as Safe Spaces for Domestically Abused South Asian Immigrant Women" was accepted to the NCA 97th Annual Convention in New Orleans this year (part of the paper session called "Color Me Empowered: The Quest for a Transnational Feminist Voice in Social and Conventional Media").

Aug. 17: Congrats to Elaine Yuan who was recently interviewed by Al-Jazeera English, about the role of social media on the news coverage of the recent Wenzhou train crash in China ( -around 19')

Aug. 19: Congratulations to our colleague Andrew Rojecki, who has been selected to serve as an At-Large Executive Committee Member, for a two year term, by the the nominations committee of the APSA Political Communication Section.

Executive Committee members advise Section officers on the conduct of their duties, make recommendations to the Annual Business Meeting, audit and approve the Secretary/ Treasurer's report, propose amendments to the by-laws, interpret by-laws and areresponsible for membership and development of the section and for liaison with other organizations.

Aug. 26: Some of you may take interest in Thomas Conner's latest piece in the Washington Post this week, about Martin Luther King Jr.'s representation in hip-hop:

Sept. 14: Congratulations to Professor Kevin Barnhurst, who has recently been named to the editorial board of Journalism & Communication Monographs.

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