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The UIC Department of Communication is known for research on new technology, political communication, and diversity, culture and visual studies.

Dissertation and Thesis Titles


Year Name Title Degree
  Gordon S. Carlson Channel Surfting Knowledge: A Narrative Criticism of Edutainment Telelvision Programming Ph.D.
  Margaret E.C. Griffith Taxis, Technology, and Transmigrants: Communication Practices of Chicago's Taxi Drivers Ph.D.
  Kelly Ann Quinn Visible Pathways: A Life Course Perspective on Technology Use and Relationship Reconnection Ph.D.
  Ellen Defossez 'Evan is My Science': Autism, Vaccines and Postmodern Medicine M.A.
  Katherine A. Lindner The Effects of Facebook "Stalking" on Romantic Partners' Satisfaction, Jealousy, and Insecurity M.A.
  Jenanee Dhevi Ramachandhran Reintroducing Hinduism: The Narratives of Shri Chandrasekarendra Saraswathi M.A.
  Antara Das Conversations with the Virtual Grassroots: A Quantitative Study of Social Media Use by International NGOs M.A.
  Nathan Earixson Scambaiting: Deception in Communication on the Internet M.A.
  Kyong Cho Online Religious Community: A Discourse Analysis of Christian Online Discussion Forum M.A.
  Anders Madsen Technologies of Knowledge-Management as Policy Enablers? M.A.
  Wei Tang Online Human Flesh and Social Value Changes in China M.A.
  Jill Caravelli Oops… She Did It Again: Brittany Spears and the Commodification of Mental Illness M.A.
  Thomas Moss Discourse Analysis of College-Bound High School Students M.A.
  Michele Aymold A Case Study of Group Communication and Decision Making in a Student Organization M.A.
  Ryan Henke American Evangelical Diversity: The Case of the Iraq War M.A.
  Korin Isotalo Policy Matters: A Qualitative Analysis of Ethical Indicators in Research Misconduct Policy Introductions M.A.
  James Owens Who Produces the Means of Democracy?: Internet, Deliberative Journalism, and Social Order M.A.
  Bryan McLaughlin Reaffirming Racism: Racial Discourse During Barack Obama's Presidential Campaign M.A.
  Kathleen Jacob From Girls to Women: The Role of Indirect and Relational Aggression in Female Friendship M.A.
  Lingling Nie Interplay of Commercialization and Ideology in China Media Industry: Discourse Analysis of Supergirl M.A.
  Claudia Ivon Rivera Implications of Internet Metaphors for the Construction of Knowledge in Computer Mediated Communication M.A.
  Anahi Lazarte Community Radio as Lived Experience: How Participants Create Belonging and Agency M.A.
  Lifan Pan Framing Drinking Problems Among College Students M.A.
  Roxanne Lopez Latinos and Non-electoral Political Participation: The Role of Social Context and Personal Influence M.A.
  Jessica Schuler Seeing Identify Eye: The Role of Feedback in the Congruity Between Self and Supervisor Evaluations M.A.
  Mariana Goya Martinez Hypertextual Networks of Concepts in Academic Writing M.A.
  Angela Lawson Department of Space and Land Reclamation: A Postmodern Fantasy Theme Analysis M.A.
  Jolene Zywica Facebook Prom Queens: Personality, Self-Esteem, and Desire to Look Popular M.A.
  Marisha Pathak Framing the United Nations During the Iraq War M.A.
  Guenther Lengauer A Transnational Media Logic? A Content Analysis of TV Election Coverage in Germany and the United States M.A.
  Soo Jeong An Self-Presentation and Identity Management: Gender Similarities and Differences on Social Network Service M.A.
  Ming Zhang College Students' Attitudes Toward Google AdWords Advertising M.A.
  Ericka Menchen Trevino Social Bookmarks: Personal Organization and Collective Discovery on the Web M.A.
  Ajantha Suriyanarayanan Indian Culture in American Wrappers M.A.
  James Duhig The Role of Physician Prescribing Data in Pharmaceutical Sales Representative Behavior M.A.
  Lina Luo Cultural Representation of the East Asia: A Critical Analysis of Intercultural Communication Textbooks M.A.
  Lauren S. Fishman Constructing the Graduate Teaching Assistant Experience: An Auto-ethnographic Exploration M.A.
  Francisco Seoane Perez Political Activism in the Digital Age: Internet Use for Political Engagement Among Meet-up Attendees M.A.
  Michael A. Vari Crisis Of Faith: Religious Rhetoric in U.S. Presidential Campaigns & the Decline of the Democratic Party M.A.
  Maria Paula Cobo Arango Frame Analysis of El Tiempo's Coverage of Political Unrest in Colombia M.A.
  Morgan Anne Bayat Perceptions of Organizational Culture on Company Web Sites M.A.
  Thomas J. Walecka Idea Diversity Within News Content M.A.
  Han N. Lee Race in Cyberqueer Space: Looking at Race in Online Personal Advertisements for Men Seeking Men M.A.
  Felicia J. Slattery Gender Role Prescriptions in Self-Help Books M.A.
  Vinita Agarwal A Study of Rhetorical Practices of Governance that Underlie Ideology Formation on Indymedia Web sites M.A.
  Sreela Sarkar Street-Level: The Rhetorical Construction of Identity in a Community Video Art Group M.A.
  Thomas Edward Delamare Shipp Constructing British National Identity in Relation to the U.S. "Other" M.A.
  Camille Johnson Social Interaction and Meaning Construction Among Community Web sites M.A.
  Nicole J. Seidlitz Nixon, Clinton and the New York Times: A Comparative Look at "Scandal" Coverage M.A.
  Luciana Juliao de Oliveira Support for Land Reform Versus the Landless Workers Movement: A Framing Analysis of Brazilian Press M.A.
  Smret Smith Cross-Cultural Training Programs: Team Building in the Midst of Cultural Differences M.A.
  Hung-ta Lin Group Influence on Inter-group Flaming on the Usenet: A Content Analysis M.A.
  Hairong Feng Politeness Strategies in Chinese Gift-Giving Behavior M.A.
  Aparnaa Narayanan Communicating Effectively While Treating Women with HIV/AIDS M.A.
  Maria Lettiere Reel History: Film, Cultural Authority, and History M.A.
  Hallie Blair Crawford Entry-Level Professors' Perceptions of their Classroom Role and its Relationship to Classroom Communication M.A.
  Jing Zhao Comparing the Credibility of the Print Version and the Online Version of the Chicago Tribune M.A.
  James Costigan A Comparison of Representations in Collaborative Virtual Learning Environments M.A.
  Barbara Diane Chin Conflict Without Confrontation: Communication Strategy and the Roman Catholic Contraception Controversy M.A.
  Toni R. Harris Credibility of Newscasters to African-American and Anglo-American Television Viewers M.A.
  Stephanie Kucker Undergraduate Use of Email for Peer Relationships M.A.
  Lisa L. Lockard Expectations and Values of Incentives Perceived by Lapsed Members of a Professional Association M.A.
  Pamela Renee Williams Media Usage and Parasocial Interactions M.A.
  Nancy Susan Namowicz Perceptions of Affinity Behaviors in Service Encounters: Men's and Women's Evaluations of Relational Messages M.A.
  Victoria C. Pierce Communication Apprehension in an Immersive Networked Virtual Learning Environment M.A.


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