Department of Communication


The UIC Department of Communication is known for research on new technology, political communication, and diversity, culture and visual studies.

Mission Statement

The Department of Communication at the University of Illinois at Chicago meets the goals of a liberal education by enhancing critical awareness of self and others within a wide range of communication contexts, from personal to public.

The study of communication has origins in the liberal arts and sciences. The discipline encompasses interests in culture, society, politics, economics, history, and the arts, as seen through the distinctive lens of communication. That perspective emphasizes how communication establishes, sustains, and transforms interpersonal, institutional, and intercultural life.

In its research, the department faculty draws upon a wide range of humanistic and scientific methods and collaborates as needed to answer the questions at hand.

In its curriculum, the department incorporates a similar breadth of ideas and methods. Study is based on modes of inquiry, rather than on narrowly focused job skills likely to go quickly out of date. Courses help students learn how to learn rather than what to do.

Through the study of communication theory, criticism, and methods, students learn to research, analyze, and articulate solutions to communication problems in a variety of media (such as speech, print, broadcast, and computer) and settings (ranging from interpersonal to cross-cultural) and to re-educate themselves as issues change.

Department of Communication
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