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The UIC Department of Communication is known for research on new technology, political communication, and diversity, culture and visual studies.

Getting In

Financial Aid
Declaring the Major



Students seeking careers in in art and design such as filmmaking, graphic design, interaction design, photography, and the like, should see the UIC School of Art and Design. Students looking for hands-on production training in traditional areas of communication, such as broadcast news, forensics (debate), journalism, reporting, speech teaching, and the like, should consider University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

The Communication major emphasizes communication theory and research. Students have the opportunity to develop analytical skills that will render them more critical consumers of media. Potential majors should note that the program does not focus on production.

The Communication program has among the highest admissions standards of any program in the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences (LAS). Students cannot declare the major without first completing performance requirements. To enter the major, a student must complete 24 credit hours of LAS courses, achieving a cumulative GPA of 2.5 on a 4-point scale. In addition, the student must receive a grade of C or better in the Introduction to Communication course (101), which is a rigorous survey requiring heavy reading, extensive writing, and critical thinking.

Upon meeting these performance standards and declaring the major, students should schedule an appointment with the department academic advisor to get oriented to the program. Students should also seek LAS Advising once a year.


Financial Aid

Students in communication are eligible for a variety of scholarships. For example, the new ComEd Scholarship and the PNA-Hugh Hill Scholarship are available for communication students. The Department maintains a bulletin board listing other current scholarships. Students may also discuss scholarships with the department advisor.

Please check out the Awards page as well as the Office of Special Scholarship Programs.

Information on general scholarships and financial aid is available at the UIC Office of Student Financial Aid. The site allows students to:


UIC Office of Student Financial Aid
1800 Student Services Building
1200 West Harrison Street Chicago, IL 60607
(312) 996-3126
Federal School Code: 001776

Declaring the Major

To declare Communication as a major, all students must meet the following three criteria:

  1. Have 24 course hours successfully completed in LAS
  2. Successfully pass Introduction to Communication (COMM 101) with a grade of ā€œCā€ or better
  3. Have a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or above

To declare communication as either a major or a minor, you must declare in 1140 BSB ā€“ the main communication office. You cannot declare in LAS advising in 309 UH. Due to the added restrictions on the major declaration, only the communication academic advisor can sign off on the paperwork.

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