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Clep Exam Fee
Exam Fee Method of payment
$80 paid on the day of the exam
Payment made online by credit card to the college board
$25 Paid on the day of the exam
by check or money order made out to "UIC office of testing services"



Please Note :  Cash will not be accpected


To make an appointment or inquire about our services, call the Office of Testing Services at (312) 996-0919.

For the Test Scoring Department, call (312) 996-5094.

Write to us at:
Office of Testing Services (M/C 331)
Suite 1070 - Student Services Bldg
1200 W. Harrison St
Chicago, IL 60607-7163

For Student Disability Services testing accommodations, please contact:

UIC, Student Disability Services
1190 S.S.B. (M/C 321) Chicago, IL 60607-7163
v/tty:        (312) 413-2183
tty only:   (312) 413-0123

Comments and inquiries about the Office of Testing Services can be directed to
Latoshia Thomas,Assistant Director, Office of Testing Services

Questions about our Web pages? Send e-mail to lthoma6@uic.edu

This page last updated on Feburary 17, 2011